Thursday, December 29, 2011

To finish up the year.....

There seems to be a pattern here...Oh well, here is the past few months in picture review.
And, the pictures are in reverse order...
We had our Guthrie Family Christmas on Monday. Everyone was present so we took the opportunity to take some photos. I don't have one of the entire family on here.
Here are the grandkids
Here are the kids and spouses
Here is Granny, Papa and the Great-Grandkids...yes, all girls (and one more on the way)
Ash and I
Terri and Ashley
Me and Augusta
The three amigos, I mean, Kristin, Terri and I
My sweet Papa and me
Big cousin Kayden pulling little cousins in the wagon

Ella and Gena (and Elizabeth)
Silly Brecken and Kinsey havin' a good ole time
Christmas Eve, the girls in matching pjs. We let them open them up that night.

Santa brought Brecken a Leapster Explorer
And Kayden a Nintendo DS

The girls and I took a quick trip to see Laurie & Matt, Terri and the Hicks family.
Uncle Tommy helping B with her new baby doll
The girls got a karaoke machine. Be jealous.
This year we had an elf come visit to keep a close eye on Brecken and Kayden to report back to Santa...we named him Rudy.
While in Searcy, we took a walk thru Harding's Campus. The lights were awesome. So was this sign. I love HU!
Terri's tree at her apt.
Before we left, Kayden had a Christmas program and party at school. Kayden, Brecken and E.J. getting ready.
My child was not a fan of the hat she had to wear for the program.
Another from TN christmas.
Terri came down for a week during Thanksgiving and she took some great pics of me and the girls. Here are a few of my favorites.

While she was here we also made snow flakes.

November was full of birthday fun and the beginning of basketball season. Kayden is a mascot and is loving every minute of it.

My baby girls also turned 6 in November and I agreed to have a sleepover party...enough said.
The crew (minus B)
Avie and Brecken (0ut of order) but at Generals Night.
Well, that's all folks. We are getting ready to kiss this year good bye and look forward to new and good things in 2012. There will be some changes going on with my blog, so if you are interested, check back next week. Hope your family is blessed in the new year. Love to all.


Michael and Hannah said...

Those are amazing portraits of you and your girls! Great post and a great way to wrap up 2011~

LaurieR said...

Those pictures of you and the girls are amazing! I hope 2012 brings only good things your way! Love you and the girls so much!

Anonymous said...

Loved every picture, your entire family is very special to me. You hold a special place in my heart and my prayer for you is that you continue to grow and be strong and that 2012 will be a wonderful new year for you! those little girls are too cute and my grandkids love 'em!

beverly said...

I am not anonyyymous, why didn't it print my name...let's try again

Sara said...

Your girls are getting so big! Looks like you all had a good Christmas!

Kristin said...

The pic of you and Brecken is my fav! Looking forward to seeing what awesome things God has planned for you and the girls in 2012~ Love you lots!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Gorgeous pictures - loved the colors, background, style and the peeps in them. :-) Happy New Year to 3 of my favorite girls!!!