Monday, November 14, 2011

Three Month Catch Up!

So, I have been on a blog are just a few pics to try to catch up. It is my goal to be better through the holidays. We'll see!
Terri came home for Labor Day. We took a family picture (as always). We went bowling, had a family cookout, went swimming, and just had a great time being with each other. I Really Love My Family.

At the end of September, Audrey and I took our girls to be at Laurie and Matt's wedding. We have all known each other since birth and our families have always been very close. We were able to be there and help her for her big day. Lots of fun!

My sweet cousin Augusta had her softball senior night. Sigh, she is growing up too fast.

Aunt Terri came home in October too! She and I took Brecken out for Birthday doughnuts then had a photo shoot. It was fun to just spend time with TErri and Brecken. We also had a tiny party at chick fil a with my parents, grandparents and all the Dawkins girls.

OH, and we carved pumkins! Which one is your favorite? The SCARY TREE(not a marijuana leaf) or the owl?
Terri's best friend from school, Sarah, got married that weekend too. So, Mom kept the girls so we could go and enjoy just the two of us. It was a beautiful setting and Sarah was gorgeous!

Audrey, our Moms and I also gave Laurie a wedding shower in Oct.
And, Brecken is just crazy!

Kayden's birthday was a two day event. GCS began their basketball season and Kayden is a cheerleader mascot this year. I wish I had a picture to capture her excitement when I told her she could cheer. It was so sweet to hear her squeal. Brecken also got to wear a cheer top. She thinks she is big stuff.

Kayden decided to have a few(5) girls over to spend the night for her birthday. They were all very good but I was one tired mama. It was worth it. Kayden had a great birthday! And my baby is 6! Where is the time going??????

Well, that is what we have been up to for the past few months. Hopefully, it wont be January before I update again. Hopefully....
Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Michael and Hannah said...

Loved catching up!! Your girls are getting so big... they just get prettier and prettier!

Ashley S. said...

I can't believe how blonde Brecken has gotten!!!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Great post, Melis - loved the pics! Miss you!