Monday, September 12, 2011

Leigh's Wedding

Last month, Audrey, Amelia, Kayden and I headed to Montgomery for Leigh and Nathan's wedding. We were able to be there Friday and help get things ready for the big day. It was a beautiful wedding, and it was good to see all the Walkers. And, we are headed back in a few weeks for Laurie and Matt's wedding!

Laurie, Audrey and I
Leigh with all of us
The three of us again.

Kayden also started gymnastics last month. I will admit the first lesson was a disaster, but today was much better. I really think she will enjoy it.

My Baby Girl

Brecken and I had a photo shoot the other day. We have had a great time just the two of us while everyone is at school. Here are a few of my favorite pictures, and a few of things about Brecken right now I don't want to forget.

She drinks more water than our entire family.
She can say the pledge of allegiance.

She loves to play outside and does really well by herself.
She loves to say, "hold me". She says it religiously, in the car.

She is very funny. Her sense of humor is definitely her own. Which is a good thing.
She is NOT a frilly, fru-fru girl. Her favorite shirts are t-shirts, especially the Braves and GCS ones.
Brecken loves to tell us she loves us. She also loves to go to pre-school when I substitute. Mrs. Lori is a favorite, again!
She and Kayden play well together most of the time. They are girls though....enough said.
She moved up into the new class at church and was thrilled to be in the "big girl class".
She uses a song book during church and "sings" along. Very loudly.
She is very nurturing. She loves to take care of her babies.
She likes to sleep with the most random things....a bouncy ball, a wind-up toy, ear buds(i took them away so she wouldn't get tangled).
This girl keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't change a bit of it. She is such a fun spirited little girl and know just the right thing to say or do. As I tell her, she will always be my baby.