Wednesday, August 17, 2011

K5, Open House and Janey (catch up 1)

Augusta, the senior, and Kayden, the kindergartener....can you hear Sunrise, Sunset in the background?

I know, I know....waaaaaaayyyyy behind. Gotta start somewhere, so how about the first day of kindergarten. My little girl is growing up. Kayden started kindergarten on the 5th. I am not sure I would say she was excited, but maybe anxious. She had open house the night before and of course knew her classmates, except one, and was very familiar with Mrs. Stacie. For the past two years I have planned my day around picking her up from preschool at noon. Not anymore though. And, it has been an adjustment. I am excited about the time I get to spend one-on-one time with Brecken too. Here are a few pics from those two days.
Someone being silly...maybe a little nervous?
First one in to find her seat.

Photo with Granddaddy
John with munchkin 1 and munchkin 2
Mommy with her big girl...sniff, sniff.
And of course, not to be left out, GG and KK.
Gettin' all settled in (they were making me leave my baby at this point!)

On the 9th, the girls and I celebrated Janey's birthday by sending her balloons to heaven. We started doing this every year, and it is very healing for me. The girls talked about her a lot, and Brecken wanted to go see her. Sweet memories, for sure.
Waving good-bye to our balloons.
Janey would have been 4. I love you baby girl, and know you are just fine in heaven.