Saturday, May 14, 2011

K5 Graduation

On Friday, some of Kayden's best friends graduated from kindergarten. Kayden was also asked to be an usher and pass out programs. She was thrilled with this "job" as she called it! The graduates all did a great job and it is such a neat program to watch.
After that, we went to the Lawson's to celebrate graduate Reagan!

The k4 ushers, Kayden, Noah, Emma Jean, and Jake
My soon to be a kindergartener....sigh.
The graduates saying the pledge.

Brecken, Augusta and Kayden

We also got to see baby Hannah and her mommy, Lindsay!

Kayden and Lindsey

Brecken wanted her picture with "Windsey Kate" too!
GCS Kindergarten graduates, a long time ago. Me and Nikki

Kayden and Reagan. He had already changed when we got to take pics with him, but we still got a picture of his cool tie!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Terri!

I love you Ter Ter and hope your day was wonderful!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Girls Beach Trip and Field Day

This weekend me and two of my friends, Laurie and Audrey went to the beach! We have known each other since birth and as always it is good to catch up! We did a lot of laughing, eating and they did a lot of burning! Ha ha! I had a wonderful time. I lvoe you girls!
There was no one practically on the beach. The water was super cold though! Laurie accidentally transferred this to her arm! So funny!

Laurie and Audrey

Did I mention we did a lot of eating.....

Friday was Kayden's field day at school. They did a lot of activities in the morning, then had lunch, then she stayed and played outside the rest of the day.

Brecken thought she was big stuff playin' with the big kids. Augusta helped her through the obstacle course.

Sweet B!

She's so talented! And TALL!

Playin' goalie!

Helen swinging....

Kayden swinging...

Carrie Beth, Brody and Brecken

Mrs. Lori's k4 class!