Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a good Easter weekend. Saturday, we went to a cookout and Easter Egg hunt at the lakes. The girls both had a great time. The trampoline was a big hit with Brecken.
Sunday, we got a few pictures in before church and after we got home from lunch. We had planned to cook lunch at Mom's, but ended up eating out. It was Smokin' Pig, so it was fantastic anyway!
Hope everyone had a happy and special weekend!

My sweet girls!

Checking out their loot from the Easter Bunny and Mommy Bunny.
She is a HAM!

Me and Patience at church.

Taking some pictures at Janey's garden (which I noticed needed some new pinestraw)

This girls loves to pick weeds, I mean "flowers".
Cheesin' it up for the camera!

Sweet B and me.

GG, Granddaddy and their girls.

Kayden, Jayden and Maggie Jo. They were all in K-3 last year and she was so excited to see them again.

Just a jumpin'.

Maggie Jo and KK playing in the lake. Nice pose Kayden....

Who needs a swim diaper when you can wear a soggy pull-up...gross!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Party

Today was Kayden's Easter Party/Egg Hunt at school. They ate at chick fil a and sat with the Bunny, then hunted eggs back at school.
I think they all had a good time. They spent a lot of time outside and Kayden was WORN out today!
Hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend!

This picture of Kayden and the Easter Bunny may not be a big deal to most of you, but let me assure you this is a major milestone! We aren't big fans of peoples dressed up as animals. Not me, not my mom, and not the girls...I was very proud of her!

My Mother-In-Law gave me a receipe of Bird Nest to make withthe girls. So, Kayden and I made them for her class. I thought they were super cute.

What baking excursion wouldn't be complete without a little chocolate, EVERYWHERE!

Emma and Kayden at Chick fil a.

Britton and Kayden

Sweet Eli hanging out too!

"I got one, mom!"

K-4 after the egg hunt.Aubrey, Kayden, Allysyn and Helen at the party!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break!!!!!!

Two weeks ago, my parents and my girls and I set out for a trip across America. Ok, not really, but close... Before we left though I got to celebrate my birthday with some great friends! We went to Chili's and I had one of those super yummy lava cakes. SO GOOD! Then, Friday, the 1st we set out on our adventure... Me and my and best friend, Patience at Chilis!

Friday we drove about 5 hours then stopped to spend te night in N. GA. We got to Indiana Sat. afternoon and spent thre rest of the day visiting then eating a yummy dinner. We don't get to see my Dad's family much, so it is always nice to visit with them when we do. Sunday, we were able to meet with most of the in town family for a picnie and egg hunt. Jaylyn did a GREAT job getting it all organized. It was nice to see everyone at one place since we weren't there long.

Ellie and Kayden (they are the same age, and she is the daughter of my cousin Andrea)

Tammy got together about 250 eggs to hunt for only about 8 kids...super fun!
My Papa Lee and Aaden
Jaylyn and me
Jaylyn's daughter, Alexis the bunny
Me and Andrea
The girls...Ellie, Emma, Kayden, Brecken and Elizabeth
Uncle John, Kayden, Dad and Brecken on the golf cart
We had a great time seeing our family in Indiana. We always spend lots of time onthe front porch visiting. Lots of good memories.

On Tuesday, we headed to AR to see Terri. Two of my roomies came up to eat dinner with me. Terri , Mom and Dad took the girls to eat so Ashley, Angela and I could have an adult dinner! Ha ha! Thanks again for that!
We do a lot of sitting around while we are at Terri's. It was nice weather so we were outside, ALOT!

Terri and the girls

We tried to get some good pics of the girls around the HU campus. Well, we got some pics. None just great...they weren't feeling it.

Ahhh, I love these girls!
KK loves to color(with anything), to cheer, to play on my phone, to sing, to play outside and to eat chocolate. Just a few things about her!

Me and Seester
Brecken is a ball full of entertainment. She is bossy, sassy, cuddly, loves to sing, loves to eat and doesn't like to sit still much.

We had a great time at Terri's and she told us we could stay longer, but I know that much longer and she would have needed to take a nap. We wear her out.

Thursday, we left for TN for Grandmama's house. Pawpaw was out of town, but we did see him a little bit Fri. night. Grandmama is totally 100% focus on the girls when they are there. She is all about them and does just about whatever they want. Mom and Dad just hung out and I got to spend some time with Mary.

The girls hepled G.Mama feed the animals....

We painted some rocks for G. Mama's garden....

And then we played in the water....
And what do you do wen your clothes get just take them off. Sigh....
We left to come home on Sat. and it was a very enjoyable trip. The girls travel really well, so it makes it a lot easier. Thanks everyone for making our trip great.

9 States in 9 was good to be back home!