Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We love the Eason's!

The girls and I needed some major R&R. We headed to Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon to spend a few days with the Easons! The kids haven't all played together in a while so they were all very anxious and excited to see each other. Brecken and Lillie gave each other a run-for-their-money! I love this family as if they were really related. They are so special to me and I know I can count on them for ANYTHING! God has blessed me by putting them in my life. Thank you for a great time! And for the "cows milk". I love you! The have a great backyard! Great place to hang out and let kids run wild! Lillie cracked me up b/c she walked around like this for an hour or so! And here is my little stinker!
Be STILL my heart!
She did some serious scooter ridin'. She has the scrapes to prove it!
And there is the other stinker!
Kayden and Rauly did a lot of flips and jumps. They were so fun to watch.
And more BFF's (most of the time) ha ha!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terri and Brett come to town!

Terri and Brett came down on Friday night. The girls loved hanging out with them. Brett was a huge hit! I always love when Terri comes to town. She is so helpful to me with the girls and always has my back. She is so special and I love her so much.

Brett and Terri at SMOKIN' PIG!

Awww, me and my seester!

Brett and his biggest fan, Kayden.

The family.

Brecken loved the fried pickles, in ranch dressing of course!

And she went to town on whatever was left on the corn!
Love this sweet girl, even when she throws a big fit!

Me and Terri being silly.

Here are a few of the girls at the park a week or so ago.
This was before B busted her lip.

Happy Week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

1,000 pts

A few months ago, my cousin, Augusta scored her 1,000 pt in her high school basketball career! She is only a junior and so we get to watch her play another year! I love watching her play. She is a very calm, laid back, consistent and talented player.
Over the past few months she has become really close with Kayden and I appreciate her influence in my girls lives. She is a great role model and I am so glad we get to be closer to her!
Congrats Gus!

This picture was right after she scored it!

The family there to support her!

Me and Augusta

Augusta and her Dad and coach!