Saturday, February 26, 2011

What are little girls made of....

SWEETNESS! Well, that's what our girls are made of anyway...
Kristin and her girls came on Tuesday to be here while Cindy had surgery. So, I got to keep Kinsey and Khloe the past few days. I have fell in love with these two little girls like they are my own. The ghree big girls have played really well together and Khloe loves me, because she smiles at me all the time. One day when I just had some one on one time with Khloe, we had a litlte phot shoot. I know my sister is proud.
We also had another little girl visit us today...Miss Lillie Anna. She and Lindsey came up for the day and we had a wonderful visit with her. I got to see my good friend Summer also. It was a great Saturday.
Here are a few pics....
I just love this little girl! Khloe baby!

Kinsey has the most beautiful curls! And she is very quiet and sweet. She also has some TN twang.

Kayden got the girls dressed up. It was like dejavu with me, Terri and Kristin when we were little. Kayden (me) being the boss, Brecken and Kinsey (Terri and KRistin) doing whatever I say....he he
Showin a little skin, but it was so cute!

Lillie Anna hangin' out in the yard today.
I was just holding my camera out and snapping pics and I took this one. She looks very sleepy or drugged. It ws the first of the two, I promise!
Have a happy week!