Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed In

At the beginning of January, John and I took the girls up to TN and AR. We spent most of our time with John's family and had a great time visiting with everyone. John came back early so he could go back to work. The girls and I made a trip over to stay with my sister in AR. We also got to visit with two of my college roommates. Tiffany, we missed you! It is fun to get together with them and we have been faithful to our tradition every year since we graduated.
I had a great time and I know the girls enjoyed every bit of attention they got. We were supposed to come home after about a week but we stayed a few extra days because of the snow. The girls got to play in it and Kayden really had a lot of fun. It was nice to have a few extra days to just hang out by the fireplace too. We had a great trip, thanks to everyone who put up with us!

Me, Angela and Ashley
Ash and Burke, who was not feeling so well.
BAHAHAHAHA! This picture is just too funny!
Aww, me and my seester!
Aaden and Brecken. She wanted to "hold" him...might have worked better the other way around.
Uncle Tommy was helping Brecken put the babies diaper on.
the pasture after the snow
In the tree....
After she fell out of the tree...
Happy again!
Brecken wasn't so sure about the snow.

PawPaw and KK on the 4-wheeler
watchin' from the window
Kayden and I went out to Mary and George's with their kids and Tommy, Jennifer and Skyler to ride 4-wheelers and play. It was a lot of fun!
Me, and my sister in laws (jenn and mary)
Uncle tommy helped Kk build a snowman!
He might have been more of an alien snow person
Ridin' on the sled with Hannah
And, here I am in all my beauty riding with her.