Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Christmas Time in So. Georgia....

As with anyone, the past few weeks have been jam-packed! So, here is our holiday in a picture rewind...
Kayden did a lot of crafts in her class
Her class also went to chick fil a, the mall to see santa, and Marble Slab for ice cream.

Mrs. Lori helped her make a craft especially for Aunt Terri, too.

Terri and I at school. I think this is the only pic I have of us. Cute, huh?
Oh, and we can't forget the Christmas program.

Christmas morning Kayden was so excited she could hardly stand it. Brecken didn't want to do anything. I had to open her gifts. She was pretty excited when she saw what Santa brought though.
Aunt Mary sent cool pop up tents. They have been all over my house and at GG's. The girls love them!

Santa also dropped off a few things for the girls at GG and Granddaddy's house.

Awww, aren't they sweet (sure, for the second).
Santa brought KK a guitar. Granddaddy was trying to give her some pointers.

This makes me laugh out loud everytime. She was just mad she didn't get her way.

Kayden giving Kinsey instruction on how to "drive" the jeep.
KK and Khloe!
We also had family Christmas with my mom's side of the family. I always enjoy it.

These are the 5 great granddaughters. Aunt Connie bought them matching shirts! Brecken, Ella, Kayden, Kinsey and Khloe

Aunt Connie and sleeping Khloe
HOpe you had a merry christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the heart of southern GA...

Saturday was homecoming at my high school. Kayden is in preschool there now, along with a few of my cousins. All of my other cousins, aunts,uncles and Granny also went to GCS. It has been a huge part of our lives and I hope it continues to be wiht my girls.
Kayden was able to cheer on the court and she did a great job. Don't think there is any ball player there, so we will be excited with a cheerleader. She cheers everyday at home, and even has taught Brecken a few.
There isn't as many alumni now as there used to be, but I still got to see some friends. One in particular, was Laurie, whom I have known since birth. She was in town and we spent a lot of time together. I love her very much and cherish our lifelong friendship.

Matt, Me, Nikki, Laurie, and Blake (we have all been together since we were at least 5)

Kayden getting ready to cheer

Doing her stunt! She was so proud.

Cheering with none other than her best friend, Lindsey

All done!

Sugar lips!

me, Laurie, and her niece, Ellie

Kayden, Lexi and Ellie

Check out that blonde hair...

My cousin Augusta!

Another cousin, Colson

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Catch up time

I haven't done much picture taking until this past week. John's parents came for a visit on Tuesday and it was a much needed visit (by all of us). The girls just ate up their attention. I know they love Grandmama and PawPaw very much and can't wait to see them again. They also got to see Bug the dog, and Kayden acted like she had a new best friend.

Be still my heart...

Is that not Janice Ann?????

A tradition Grandmama has with all her babies...cookie making!

Sleeping Princess Kayden! Grandmama bought this for her right before they left and she has worn it everyday since Friday.

The girls went to breakfast with Santa. HEre is Brecken eating the candy cane and the paper. Nice.

B wouldn't have anything to do with Santa.

Two of the loves of my life...Granny and Brecken.

Found these super cute dresses at Gap outlet for, get ready for it.....$6.99 each! yay!

Hopefully it won't be another month before I post again. Terri, this should tide you over for a few weeks.