Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Hero

I have a lot of friends. But, there are only a handful who have known me all my life (other than my family). Well, I spent this weekend with two of them.
Let me rewind a little. Two weeks ago, Laurie, donated her kidney to a friend/co-worker. Janet (the recipient) has been on dialysis for 1 year and after no one in her family was a match, Laurie was tested. And, she was a match. She hasn't know Janet forever, she isn't related nor did she do it because they said, we will pay you. She honestly did this selfless act because that is who she is. I was shocked when I found out she was doing it. Not because she was, but that it all happened so fast. Laurie is one of those people who you can count on anytime and who has your back, no matter what.
I love her and what makes it a little more special is that Janet has Polycystic Kidney Disease, the same thing the Dr. has told us that Brecken has. And it didn't surprise me that Laurie would do this for Janet, because I know that she would have done it for Brecken.
She is such a thoughtful and wonderful person(yeah, I am puttin' that Halo on her).
So, my other life long friend and I, Audrey decided to surprise her on Friday. She lives about 5 hours away, so we worked it out with our families who were wonderful to let us do this for her. We spend two days eating, watching tv, laughing, eating, sleeping, laughing, facebook stalking, and eating some more. It was a TERRIFIC weekend. Lauries face was priceless when she saw us. Her sisters Leigh and Louise and Nana were wonderful hostesses and we all had a good time together.
I love you Laurie, and you are my hero.

This was early this morning right before we left to come home.

Leigh and Audrey trying to hide from my camera
Laurie has been receiving so many cards. Well deserved though :)
So, I was in Lauries bathroom and started snooping and I kept finding all the multiples of things. Not like 2 or 3, try 9 or 10. Floss...who needs nine of these?

Seriously, she had all these toothbrushes. I took one.
Oh and she is a huge Vols fan and she has these nails...halarious!
So, last week my Zumba dvd's came in. Leigh and I decided to provide the entertainment Sat. night for Laurie and Audrey...

I love you girl, you are AWESOME! Keep taking those meds :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just a normal week...

School is going good, it is hot as ever, and we are pretty low key these days. Here a few pics of what we have been doing.

Brecken is such a goofball!

I love her hair up like this. If only she would leave it that way! Sigh....

My mom's house has really good lighting.

the girls were coloring at GG's

Papa took the girls to water the horses. Brecken was interested, Kayden just wanted to leave!

Papa and Brecken. I love this man!

I had a creative streak and we made some crafts the other day. Bugs with finger paint, and fish with paper plates.

Here is crazy girl.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not so great mommy wisdom....

Last night in the car Kayden and I had a very interesting/funny conversation. It went like this...
K: Does Janey sleep on clouds?
M: Umm, I am not sure, I have never been to heaven.
K: I haven't been there either.
after a few seconds...
K: Do you go to heaven in that box too?
M: You mean the thing you are buried in?
K: Yes.
M: Well, when you die, you are put in the box, then buried in the ground. But, then your spirit or soul go to heaven. YOur body doesn't go to heaven.
K: So, just part of you goes to heaven.
M:(thinking, well that wasn't that bad) Yes
(wait for it...)
K: So, just your head goes to heaven?
M: (bust a gut laughing) Oh nevermind, everything goes to heaven!

I love that kid! Still laughing as I read over it!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Balloons and Puddles

Janey would have been 3 on Monday, the 9th. It is hard to believe at times that 3 years has passed. A week or so before her birthday I always have lots of thoughts and feelings about her. She is on my mind constantly. This year was no different. John, the girls and I went to out to eat then we stopped and got balloons to send to Janey. Kayden loves doing this, and I feel like it is a way to keep her involved. Brecken loved the balloon too, and had no problem letting it float into the sky. The sky was really beautiful that night too. Yesterday, was the day we buried our sweet girl. I always have a hard time with that day too. I relive both days a lot. We had a good week though, and lots of family and friends have showed their thoughtfulness to us and for Janey. And we appreciate it very much.

It rained really hard one day, and so I let the girls play in the puddles. I did this a lot when I was little. I am surprised I didn't turn into dirt. Kids don't get out and play in the dirt enough these days if you ask me. My girls enjoyed it just like their mom used to.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mommy who?

This was how I felt on Friday, Kayden's first day of preschool. We got to the school early and the whole school was having chapel together first. She found Britton, her future husband, I mean friend from last year and they were already excited! Other kids started come in and I asked Kayden if she wanted to sit with me, or her class. She immediately replied, Uh, my class. (like what kind of question is that)
So, off her and Britton went and pretty much didn't look back. She had a good first day and they have a good class. She seems so grown up though. Sigh....

First Day of K4
GG came by to get her picture with Kayden
Kayden and Britton
The class getting ready to leave.
Proud Momma and the preschooler
Thursday night was open house. This is Helen with Kayden.
In her seat.
Summer was here last week so we met her and Sara and the kiddos at the pool. We had a good time, but not a lot of adult talking went on. That is a bunch of kids to watch!

Bryce loved playing with Brecken!
Me and Summer
Grandmama, this is for you!
Say, "Ahhh"!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

First for the Four Year Old

Last week, Kayden did a few things that were her firsts...
She went to the dentist and had her teeth cleaned. (Wasn't technically our first time to the office, just the first time she didn't have a melt down and let Buffy clean her teeth.) She did great. They don't let the parents go back with them but there are tons of toys/games/etc. for them to play with . I was really proud of her and her good nature was probably also due to the fact that I bribed her with new rain boots...go ahead and judge. I am not above it after our last visit.

We also got to go bowling with some friends. We met Amy, Abby, Anna, Patience, Reagan, Rowan and my mom at bowling alley one morning. I love to bowl and haven't been since I was at harding. Remember the bowling alley all you HU alumni? I took golf and bowling by the way. Anyway, we had a good time and then had chick fil a afterwards (of course).

Kayden starts school FRIDAY!!! I realize she is only in pre K but she goes everyday until 12. That is big time people! I am ready and I guess she is. This summer had flown by. I am really not ready to see it end. Oh well, no one asked me.
Have a good week!

Getting xrays taken.
The tech was really excited about getting her pic. taken.
Anna and Kayden getting ready to bowl.
Reagan bowling. They were all so excited for everyone when they knocked some down.
couldn't resist...he he
anna, the pro
Even GG joined the fun! Don't be jealous of her shoes!
Mine were prettier!