Sunday, June 27, 2010

All About Breck Breck

It has been a while since I wrote some things about Brecken and since she just went for a check up to the specialist, I thought this was a good time. All of her blood work, and test came back fine. There is usually no problem, the specialist just wants to make sure it stays that way. She is on a blood pressure medication that is just a precaution and should help keep her kidneys functioning.
She weighed 23.8 lbs. She is still very petite. She eats a lot though. If you have something on your plate, she wants it. She isn't a breakfast eater, and usually just has milk(but I do add some "powdered calories" to that) and maybe a few cheerios. Her specialist also wants her to weigh more than she does or at least gain weight quickly so her body will be prepared for anything in the future. Lunch and dinner she eats like a champ.
So, here are a few of her favorite things....
She grits her teeth and she has an underbite...all of her baby teeth are in except 1 eye tooth...just in the past two weeks she has really started "talking" and will repeat whatever we ask her to...she loves to sing "this little Christian light of mine", well, mainly she says, "no" and hides her finger...when she doesn't like something, she wrinkles her forhead and eyebrows...when we eat, she will hold hands, bow her head and after amen is said, she will say amen , too...she about falls forward when she runs (it is so cute)...she likes to make others laugh...she likes playing with Kayden and does what she tells her to, most of the time...she doesn't like grass or sand...she will wear Kayden's tennis shoes everywhere...when I tell her not to do something, she laughs...we have started potty training and she wants to wipe herself, everytime...she likes to "shhh" case you haven't noticed, she looks like JOhn, but there are a surprising number of people who think she looks like my MOM...she is very cuddly, but has a little "meanness" to her...I rock her in a chair before I put her in her crib soon as she is in her car seat, the shoes come OFF...when it is bedtime, she runs to the bathroom and says, "teee"(teeth) which she loves to brush...she likes to watch, "Doja" (dora), "bebe" (barney) and when wheel of fortune comes on she hollers out letters...she is obedient, but it usually come to me telling her she is about to get a spanking...
Tonight, at VBS she just acted to big. It is hard for me to beleive she is almost 2. I want time to stand still. I don't want her growing up yet. I love her sweet little voice and sweet kisses. She will always be my baby!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Real Week of Summer

There has been so much going on, this is really the first week we have not had something to do, or somewhere to go. We have been to the library, gone out to eat with Daddy, played in the pool, gone to the park, etc.
It has been nice to just be low-key. So, here is a view of our week...

I decided to start potty training this week because we don't have any trips for a while...after Day 4, she is doing really well. Pooping is another story, but she will go to the potty or call me when she wants to pee. One step closer to "diaper free home".
And, who DOESN'T need reading material???

Today was a great day...after we ate lunch with our best friends, we went to the park, then played in the pool, then had a nap. Fun time was had by ALL.
Sucker time...

Kayden thought it would be funny to dress her and Brecken up, "funny". I would say she achieved her goal.

I finally finished Brecken's room (yes, we have almost been here a year, but whatever). I have a few things to get for the wall, and we haven't put up the white baseboards, but other than those few things, I'm done. I love how it turned out.
Here is what it looked like when we moved in...
Here it is now...
The wall color is an aqua color.
Now time for another project...I am almost finished with my dining room!

Vote for Brecken!

I entered this photo into a contest, but you can't vote yet...sorry. I will repost when you can I guess.
Cute though,huh?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls Beach Trip 2010

This past week, my Mom, Granny, Kayden, Brecken and I went to Panama City Beach. I LOVE THE BEACH! I think I could live there. Although my days of relaxing on the beach all day are gone, they are traded for fun on the beach with my girls. Kayden loves to play in the water, and Brecken would rather stay inside. Granny was a huge help and watched the girls in the afternoons so mom and I could just sit and read. We did a lot of playing in the water and sand, picking up shells, eating and a little shopping. We attempted some pictures, and Brecken has a mind of her own, so some were better than others...
Enjoy! Happy June!

the gulf was perfect where we were!

ummm, yeah, she was texting on her phone...ha ha

the girl LOVES to dip things, especially in ranch dressing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Time to play catch up...

It has been almost a month since I blogged last. There has been a lot going on, so I will recap for you...(it is in reverse order, and it is a pretty long post)

I flew to Indiana on Wednesday. For my aunts funeral. Last Friday, June 4th, my Aunt Donna (my Dad's sister) was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, one of the most aggressive types. On Sat. we learned it was already stage 4. That night she had a stroke and Monday morning, she passed away. I can't begin to tell you what a shock this has been to our family. My Dad has a large family, and although we don't see them often, my Aunt Donna was very special to me. Her daughter, Andrea was a year younger that me and we have a lot of fun memories from our childhood. She was so much fun when we were growing up. She let us scare her, and we made her go through our haunted houses a million times a day, and she did all of it with a smile and a laugh.
Although it was bad circumstances, I was able to see all my aunts and uncles and most of my cousins. We spent a lot of time eating, laughing, crying and eating some more.
It is still so unreal that I will not get to hear her laugh was very unique. She was the one that kept us all together. She would have a cook out whenever we or anyone came into town (get ready Aunt Bev, your up). She was a wonderful lady, and I will miss her so much. She made a huge impression on everyone. She taught 3rd grade and there were some of her students there for her visitation. Her visitation was on Thurday from 12-8...yes, 8 hours. At first I didn't understand why they would want to do that for so long. About 8:30, I realized why. She had over 3200 people come to pay their respects. She made an impression. I love you and miss you Aunt Donna.
Aunt Donna, Ellie & Emma (her granddaughters) and Kayden, last summer

Switching gears...before last week, we had been enjoying family coming to town and getting tons of water time. Enjoy the pics...

"Do you know how to work this lawnmower?"


Terri and Ella

the 4 Great Granddaughters

Terri, Kristin(with child) and Me (yep, pretty sure I look more pregnant than her)

We also said Good-Bye to Gabi. Her parents came from Brazil so we had to say goodbye to our "sister". We love you and miss you Gabi!

I helped throw a baby shower for Lindsi and Jackson(can't wait for July 1st)
Me, Jennifer, LIndsi and Heather

Kayden wanted to paint her fingernails...I let her.

I have no clue, but so is so cute!

Taking advantage of a photo op. with the matching dresses

On Memorial Day, my uncle Mike made boiled pnuts...yum, yum, yum (don't judge me!)

Kayden at a birthday party for her friend Helen!
The end...until next time, but not until after saturday because we are headed to the beach!!!!!