Monday, May 24, 2010


Friday was Kayden's last day of K3. On Thursday they had a party for K3 and K4. The "P" party was for pool, pizza, pineapple, pixie sticks and I guess that is it. The kids had a blast. They played all day on the slide. I can't believe Kayden will not be in Mrs. Lori's class next year. Not that I don't like her next teacher, but Mrs. Lori was her first teacher and she has been so great with all her kids. I love Lori and appreciate all she did for my baby.
Anyway, enough sappy are the pics.

Ahh, makin' Mama proud...

Maggie Jo's middle name should be no fear. She would jump and do toe-touches before she slide down. Made me a little nervous!

Maggie Jo, Kayden and Carrie Beth (Britton's sister and Kayden's future sister in law) he he

Kayden and Lindsey, "her best friend" (kk's words)

Britton, my future son in law(kayden and britton have been convinced all year that they are getting married when they grow up)

Sweet Noah. I love this little boy. He was always so sweet to me when I would go to kayden's class.

My baby girl!

Lindsey Kate

Reagan also had NO fear!

I guess this should go in their slide show at their wedding, huh?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Convertible, Beach, Shopping, Laughing, Eating...What do all these have in common?
Well, these were all apart of my "therapy" this weekend.
Friday night I went to FL and spent the night with my best friend, Lindsey...ALL BY MYSELF. That's right people, I had my first weekend with no husband or kids in a year. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my husband and girls, but Mama was in much need of some R&R.
Saturday, Linds and I went to the beach and just soaked in the sun. I soaked in a little too much and apparently don't know how to apply spray sunscreen...whatever.
Chad grilled hamburgers for us and after their kids went to bed we watched a movie.
After church this morning we went to eat with Chads parents then Linds and I headed to the outlets to do some shopping.
I got home this evening and I was ready! I missed my girls so much. I missed John too, he just wasn't here when I got home.
This weekend was much needed for me. I was able to carry on an adult conversation with no interruption, I didn't wipe anyone's butt, nor feed any children. I didn't have to break up fights or manage any temper tantrums. I didn't clean up after anyone, and I spent some money on myself.
Now, I am back to reality, and very glad and excited to be with my family. God blessed me with a safe trip and I am so blessed to have parents and a husband who helped make my girls weekend possible. Thanks, I love all of you! And a huge thanks to Chad for letting Lindsey come play with me, and to Lindsey, thank you for being such a great friend. I had a great weekend! You think they will let us do it again soon? ;)
I didn't take a bunch of pics, but here are a few.

Ahhh, bliss...

Us in all our beauty!

My mom let me take her car...we had some guys honk at us, and Lindsey and I just laughed. If only they knew how many kids we had, how old we were and that we were married.

So, yeah, the "spray" sunscreen gave me the impression you didn't have to rub it in, just spray it...well, note to self, rub it in next time!

This had nothing to do with the beach but this was in my driveway thursday...ugh!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day '10

I had a wonderful Mothers Day. I ate dinner with my Mom and spent the day with my girls. My husband bought me flowers and a very sweet card. All is well.

Brecken also got her hair cut, so I am saying this is her "first haircut" since I kept some. She behaved very well!

Oh yeah, I forgot to add friend Kelly is giving away a Mom and Me mini photo session. So, if you live in Valdosta and would like to be entered into the drawing to have a session with you and YOUR mom, head on over to her blog and leave her a comment!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Field Day '10

Yesterday was Kayden's field day. Granny had Brecken so I was able to go and enjoy being with Kayden. Rowan hung out with us too. I love that kid!
Anyway, the kiddos all had a good day, and we were all worn out after lunch.
Enjoy the pictures. Have a good weekend.

Kayden and a few of her friends...Emme, Emma Jean, Jaden, KK and Emma (yes, there are 3 Emm's in her class)

Kayden's butterfly...her eyes were watering, she isn't crying.

Isn't this a great picture of touch up or color change, that is a PURE picture people!

Maggie Jo and Rowan on the slide

So much fun!

Row Row

Pamela helping Kayden through the obstacle course

Rowan gliding...that is one strong kid.

Our group...

Did I mention I love this kid?
Finding marbles

This was not a "station", but they enjoyed it better anyway.

Getting ready for dinner last night

And, my other little sweetums (haircuts all around on Monday!)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My girls

Not much going on with us. John has been working alot, so the girls and I have spent a lot of time just being together. Enjoy the pics.

This is how I found Brecken napping yesterday.

The girls saying, "Cheese!" Brecken always wrinkles her eyebrows?

When she wants to kiss you, this is how she puckers up...I love it!!!!

A better cheese face.
The above picture was Kayden wearing the same pjs Brecken is wearing. The were both about the same age in them. Daddy and Janey are also in the picture. :)
And here is crazy Kayden!

Nice self portrait...don't you love my fly away hair?
happy tuesday!