Sunday, March 28, 2010

Austin & Ashley

This Saturday my cousin Austin got married. Kayden was a flower girl, we were all up in the festivities. I LOVE weddings. Austin and Ashley had a beautiful ceremony and we were able to spend time with family and friends from out of town. So, let the album of pictures begin! Thanks guys for letting us be a part of it.

So, I am a little biased, but that is the prettiest little girl I have ever seen!

I think this was the only picture I got of the three of!

The Bride and the Flower girl

Prayer before the sweet.

Kayden and her BFF, Lindsey

Oh, melt my cousin Aaron and his baby girl Ella!

Emily and Kayden

me and Sista

Sista, Cuz, and Me

We just decided to have a picnic...

And my little dishwasher helper, I mean climber

Monday, March 22, 2010

Past week in review...

Here is a sneak peak at my latest project! I will post more when I have completed it! I love it by the way!

Today we hung out at Patience's and the kiddos played even thought it was a little chilly...can you say, "Say no to crack!"
Reagan and Brecken (with her bitter beer face)

Rough Tough Rowan

Saggy britches

We got a dishwasher (hallelujah) last week and John made a little house out of the box. Why do I even buy expensive presents for them when they would rather have a big box???

Last Saturday, the 13th, I went to a shower for my cousin Austin and his soon to be wife, Ashley. Their wedding is this Saturday, so all our family will be here. I am so excited. Kayden is one of the flower girls and I am really excited about that too. So, more pics to come after the weekend.

Sweet, sweet baby cousin Ella

Jennifer and sweet baby Jovie

Some flowers, just playing with my new camera.
Have a good week!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tubes Are In

Brecken had her tubes put in this morning. She did really well considering she didn't have anything to eat or drink until 8:00 am. She was getting a little upset until they gave her the loopy medicine. Then she kept kissing the tv screen. It was very funny. She was in and out in about 20 min, that is including recovery time. She, actually, we all slept after we got home this morning and she has been pretty good all day. I pray this will help her be a little more pleasant. The most impressive this was the Dr. called tonight at 7:30 to check on her. Very impressive.
Ok, well, enjoy the photos. Thanks for checking on her.

I love footy pjs!

All decked out in the baby bed.

Terri this is for you!

And this is a game Brecken got daddy to play with her. Whatever keeps her from crying at this point.

And, the loopy meds were kicking in.

Sweet nectar.

GG came to love on her after surgery.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


We have enjoyed the spring like weather this past week. We are ready for it full time! Here is a quick photo shoot of the girls. They are so pretty!
Brecken gets her tubes put in her ears tomorrow. I haven't really thought about it much, I know it is really routine. When they give her anesthesia I will probably be a little more nervous. This little girl has had so many infections, she needs this really bad.
Anyway, I will probably post after that, just for an update. Until then...

Anytime the camera is out, Brecken does this face and says, "cheeee".

My sweet little girl, who is growing up way too fast!


We were taking pictures of each other.

She has some wild hair, but I am not cutting it yet.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Long post about nothing

Well, I haven't been a good blogger...not that you care, but I just have been busy or just haven't really had much to say. But, I have found some things I want to say, and for some reason, my blog is where I like to vent. Feel free to scroll to the bottom to look at a few pictures.

A week ago, Brecken started running a fever and long story short, she had strep throat. Umm, yeah, not fun. So, for about 4 days she sat in my lap and slept. I HATE FOR MY BABIES TO BE SICK. I am a nervous wreck the entire time. Fevers really send me over the edge. She is better now, thanks to motrin and an antibiotic!
She had a "check up" with our kidney specialist. We did like a video conference through a program called TeleMed. Pretty cool. Every thing was fine and his only concern was that she was not gaining any weight. She has been the same weight for 3 months. She only weighs 20 lbs. At first I was like, who cares, she eats, poops, walks, but then I started realizing why he was concerned. If something were to cause her kidneys to start acting up and she would need a transplant, she would not be eligible until she was about 30 lbs. So, he just wants her as close to that just in case something were to happen. Not something I like to think about and maybe that is why I wasn't concerned. They are giving me some sort of drink that has lots of calories and should help her to gain. Nice.

You might have noticed my Walking for Janey badge on the right. April will be the March for Babies and I am well on my way to raising money for March of Dimes. If donating is not something you can do right now, I strongly encourage you to find a walk close to you and just walk. You don't have to pay, you just sign up and show up. I promise you will be inspired!
Our kick off breakfast was yesterday, and it was nice. Just brings back a lot of memories. Janey has been on my mind alot lately. I am not sure why, but I seem to be thinking about her more often and I find myself feeling pretty crummy.
Thankfully, I have two beautiful children who keep me on my toes everyday.

Something else on my mind...last night my mom called me about 11 and said one of her friends and fellow teachers died. Her name is Jayme and she was 30. That is my age people! She wasn't sick, she wasn't in the hospital, she was at home with her husband and 7 MONTH OLD and she had some sort of seizure and passed away. I can't tell you how shocked and sad I am. I feel so many things that really don't matter, but like, she didn't get to say good bye to anyone. She didn't leave her family letters or videos. She left her classroom on Monday thinking, I will "do that" tomorrow. And now she is gone. I can't grasp this. I understand things like this happen everyday. I am just not use to it. And I don't handle it well. All I keep thinking is, that little girl will never know her mommy. I feel sick just thinking about it. Those kids at school will never be the same. I can't begin to put myself in this family's shoes and I pray I never have to.
Please say a prayer for this family. Since I am just like my mother, you an imagine how she is doing. Please pray for Jayme's friends and school kids. This is such a bizarre thing and it is horrifying for this sweet family.

I am very afraid of death. As selfish as this sounds, I am afraid of being gone from my family. More though, I am afraid of something happening to them. And this just goes to show how short life can be. I know, I KNOW there is something so much better for us! But it is hard to really imagine that when all we know is now.
I have rambled enough and hope no one is still reading this. If you are, I am sorry I have brought you to Level 1 depression.

On a happy note, here are a few pictures...

What girls to best...make messes! Lindsey came over one day and they had a blast.

Little lady with her feet crossed.