Thursday, December 31, 2009

Catch Up-Part 3

After our trip to TN, it was time for us to get ready for Santa to come. Kayden asked for an ipod. I have let her listen to mine some and she thought she needed one. So, Santa got her an MP3, which she calls an ipod. She was happy, we were happy, and Santa did a good job. Brecken got a few toys, and some socks. I mean, is the child going to remember or even care? No.
Terri was here for a few days too, so we got to spend lots of time with here. She made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, and they were sooooo good. None of us wanted to cook lunch, so we did what any other American family would do...we ate Chinese food. It was good too!
The day after Christmas, I watched my Papa, Dad, Mom, Uncle Philip and Colson worm the elk. No, it is not giving them worms, just making sure they don't get them. Anyway, it was humorous. It was so cold too, and I was not exactly prepared...hence all the miss match clothing articles from Granny.
We had a great holiday, and looking forward to a blessed New Year. HOpe you are too.

Our tree...Janice, if you look really close, you can see the lamp in the corner! :)

Dad, Brecken and Kayden

Cissel being a big help and "walking" Brecken

My girls (Terri was playing around with the camera)

Aunt Terri and Brecken

Merry Christmas from Santa...just what she wanted.

Oh look socks. She was happy.

My mom's expression is hilarious!

Dad and Kayden checking out the calendar we gave them.

Cissel and Gabi with their matching scarves

Kayden and Brecken playing on dad's new toy

Granny is probably giving her watch that sneaky Granny

Christmas Dinner!

We had enough rice to feed So. Georgia

I am pretty sure we have every color in this picture.

Dad and Papa, securing the elk in the "shoot"

Hello Bon Qui Qui(sorry that was for TErri)

They saved the bulls for last.

And lastly, my mom got me a set of magnetic note pads. I was in heaven. If you know me well, you know that I make lists about as often as I blink. There is one for every month!!! I am still giddy talking about it.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catch Up -Part 2

Our trip to TN this year had two major events. Christmas of course, but my father in law retired from the Air National Guard after 37 years of service. We went to his retirement dinner, and it was so neat to see all the people that he has worked with over that time and the lives he has touched. I am very proud of him, and his service to our country.
We spent lots of time with our family and got to see John's grandmothers too. Kayden and Brecken ate up all the attention. They are both big on their cousin Hannah. She was a big help while we were there.
We had Christmas with our immediate family on MOnday night. Tuesday afternoon, we headed for home. We met up with Terri and she and I got to spend 10 hrs catching up even before we got to GA.
Thanks Hicks family for a great time. We love all of you, and can't wait to see you again.

Garry, Janice and friends

Garry talking

Mary and George
Hannah and Kayden
Brecken really loved Uncle Tommy. She went right to him every time. (big deal for her)

Brecken playing with Grandmother

Grandmother, John and Grandma

Garry feeding Brecken a banana

Hannah loves her horse

We also got to see Adam, Candance and is Austin and Kayden playing

Outside at the barn

Grandmama giving Brecken her new rocket

Our Family...John, Tommy(john's brother), Dalton(Tommy's oldest son), Jennifer(Tommy's wife), Skyler (Tommy's youngest son), Laura(Tommy's daughter), GArry, Janice with Brecken, Kayden, Me, Mary(JOhn's sister), George(Mary's hubby), Hannah and Eric (Mary's children)

Catch Up - Part 1

Rewind back to the middle of Dec...
GCS had homecoming and Kayden participated in the cheer camp. They were so cute doing their cheers. I am not sure that a basketball player will come out of my oldest child. I can still work on Brecken though. Kayden's class also took a field trip. They went to chick-fil-a for breakfast, the mall to see Santa, then to Marble Slab to learn how to make ice cream. I think they all had a good time. We stayed busy the next week with end of school stuff and Christmas program (I forgot my camera for that.) Then we headed to TN! ( I know these will be backwards on the blog, sorry.)

Lauren, Amelia and Kayden (doesn't she look thrilled?)

Me and Patience at homecoming(sorry Nikki, ours was really blurry)

The cheerleaders, Kayden and Cissel

Getting ready for a cheer

Kayden, the cheerleader! And who better beside you than your best friend, Lindsey!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Don't worry, no ONE has passed away, but it is with many memories that I finally get to lay my old camera to rest....
That's right, my husband came through this year, again, and purchased me a Nikon D-3000! I got it last Friday to take on our trip to TN. It is wonderful, but not as wonderful as my husband.
Here are a few things we(me and the camera) have been through...
Kayden's life after one month (JOhn got me the camera when Kayden was 1 mo. for Christmas)...
Janey and Brecken's births...
Many Christmases, birthdays, beach trips, Thanksgivings, and everything in between.
It's been a good run, but it is time to bring out the big gun!
(And when I get a few min, I will post some pictures from the beauty! ha ha
Merry Christmas to me.
I will miss you ole buddy...

Ok, sorry, probably not!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This and That

We have been pretty busy the past week, but my internet was down, so...just now getting to put pictures up. Last week, I helped Kayden's class with a Christmas craft and made a snack to "go with" it. I got Kayden to help me with the reindeer and when I was almost through, she said, "Mom, those are not cute." What in the world???? I am no Martha Stewart, but they were cute to me.
On Saturday we went to the parade with Audrey and Amelia. It was cold! The girls did really good and we almost made it to the end. This week at school has been spirit week for Homecoming. Wednesday was twin day, so KK and Lindsey dressed to match. Nikki found their shirts. Very appropriate!
Lots going on this weekend and next week before break. Hopefully, I won't take so long to update next time.

Pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Here is how I did them: I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes, red hots for the noses and small regular pretzels for the antlers(I broke the tops off) and attached all of that to the nutter butter with peanut butter. I did it the day before so the pb had time to get a little hard and keep the eyes, nose and antlers on the cookie. Enjoy!

Kayden helping (before her rude comment)

Her reindeer at school(the antlers weren't on it though)

Sweet face (with a little paint to go with it)

Brecken's favorite place, the chair

I was trying to get all four teeth in the picture

Bundled up!

Amelia and Kayden before the parade started

Kayden and Lindsey on twin day.

Have a great weekend!