Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

We had a great week with our family and friends. We are so glad that Terri, Kristin, Ryan, Kinsey, Ashley and Rachel were able to come home. We ate and laughed alot. I love my family and am so blessed to have such a close family. I didn't do great taking pictures. My camera is just not good, and most of the time after I see a picture, I am just thinking...yuck! Maybe I will get a new one soon (hint, hint, John if you are reading this)
A friend of ours also took some of the girls back in October and I haven't put them up yet...going on Christmas cards. Also, Terri took some of our family when she was here, so check out her blog for those.
Hope everyone had a blessed turkey day!

My sweet girls!

We went to a riverquarium one day a few weeks ago. It was nice, girls liked seeing all the fish.

There was no one there, so we had it pretty much to ourselves.

I can't wait to take Kayden to the Atlanta Aquarium!

Up close and personal

Oh I could just eat her up!

Playin' in GG's cabinet.

KK and Cissel painting

B and K on Thanksgiving day

Kristin and Terri

Brecken got a kick out of Kayden pushing her.

Warmin' up by the fire

Sister loves her ride

Breck and Kinsey in a mini photo shoot

Lovin' those baby blues

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's the little things...

I finally finished updating the outside of our home. It has taken a while, but I have to do things in stages around here. I also finished Kayden's room. Grandmama and Pawpaw bought Kayden new bedding for her birthday, so with the new paint, her room finally looks put together.
I titled this post, "It's the little things" because sometimes the smallest things can make my day or make me feel like I have accomplished something or just make me happy. NUMBER 1...My girls! Or, getting plants in the ground, or putting up numbers on my mailbox. I could go on forever. But, I wont.

Here are the girls before a basketball game...they are so cute if I do say so myself.

Here is the house had a golden/yellow door, some red fence in the front yard and lots of bushes/limbs covering the house. can barely see it.

John cut down a lot, and I painted the door, and put in some landscaping. I am not a gardner, nor do I have a green thumb, but it came out good and just as I wanted.

I still have to get a new porch light, but I love the front door.

This is Kayden's room had cream walls above the chair rail, and burnt orange below.

Now, it is definitely a girly room...Pink, pink everywhere.

I put up her tree today. She was so excited.

And the barbie house!

Kayden insisted that I take this one. I couldn't object!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kayden's big day!

Four years ago, John and I were blessed with our sweet, healthy baby girl. We had no idea what we were in store for, but we have enjoyed every minute of it. Kayden is such a smart and kind little girl. She is always thinking of others, and nice to everyone. She loves her family and friends and is very tender hearted. She is a lot like me...ocd, emotional, scared of silly things. Kayden is a wonderful big sister, sometimes a little too overboard. She is very intuitive, and asks about 1,000 questions a day. she has learned so much in the past 3months at school, thanks to mrs. Lori. She sings about 10 songs a day. She told me she would never be a 4 year old who didn't hug their mommy. I love her big, brown eyes, and even at 4 years old sometimes I just want to kiss that sweet little face off! She is so much fun to be around and we love her so much.
Happy Birthday, sweet Kayden!
We had Kayden's birthday party on Monday night with the immediate family. She got lots of barbie stuff, and a huge barbie house, some dress up clothes, and real clothes. She was thrilled. John...not so thrilled about the singing Hannah Montana doll and card. She talked about her party all day. I think she enjoyed it a lot.

Kayden and I made cookies last night to take to her class today. Here she is with Mrs. Lori!

We went to Generals NIght tonight, and Dad took Brecken on a few walks. I thought this picture was so cute. The little girl is Sarah, a friend from school and church.

My Birthday Girl.

Me and the birthday girl. Oh how I love her!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Fall Festival and Halloween

Well, better late than never, right? I have had some problems uploading my pictures and Nov. has really started to run away from me it seems. We went to the fall festival at school and Kayden loved singing karaoke! She sang twice and knew every word to the song. She was so cute.
On Halloween we went to a party at the Copelands and had tons of fun. Since then, it seems like we have been going non-stop. I worked last week getting Kayden's room painted and finished (pics to come soon). That was a task! It looks so cute though.
That is the short version of our long few weeks. And we are so excited that it is finally cool here!!!

Kayden and Helen singing Hoedown Throwdown

A few kids got to sing on the radio.

GG and KK on the hayride

Breck and I on the hayride

Brecken "blowing" kisses

Superstar Hannah Montana

Busy little bee

My Mom, Dad, and Gabi went as the Addams Family, and Cissel was a spider


The "hannahs"
Goodbye October, Hello November!