Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our week in pictures...

We have had a good, relaxing and busy week. Yes, all those at once. I really don't have much else to blog about, so here it goes...
(they aren't in correct order, but do you really care?)

I tried to take the girls pics in this field. They did "ok" but couldn't get real great pics. These turned out okay though.

Ah, the love...can't you feel it.

Brecken got stuck under the chair and she wasn't happy, but I had to make her laugh until I could get to my camera.

Kayden had Emma over to play this week. Fun girl time! Please notice Kayden's shoes...she wanted to wear them with this outfit to town...yeah right I say!

Ok, this past weekend I rented the Hannah Montana movie. Kayden had never seen it, so I thought, since she is in quarantine I will let her watch it. This is her dressed up as Hannah Montana. (the blanket is her "hair") She has a great imagination!

Just one night in the pj's. Yes, we are already sporting halloween pj's. They fit.

The girls and I got to eat lunch with John one day. It is very rare these days. So, we went to chili's. Here is KK and Daddy.

And, Brecken. I couldn't get a really good picture. She was more concerned with what was going on around her and waving to everyone.

My mom bought the girls these pj's a while ago. Is it just me or do we have a lot of pj pictures???
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rambling of a Sentimental Mommy

Our little crew has been under the weather this week. Kayden started running fever on Monday, and Brecken had a little cough. The fever has come and gone until today...I am praying it is over! Still a little runny nose with both girls (which you can see in Brecken's picture).
A few things have made me really think about the girls and where they are now. Brecken is 11 months! That means in less than 1 month now, she will be a YEAR OLD!!! I just can't believe it. And in two months, Kayden will be 4. My big girl will be 4! I told someone the other day I just want time to stand still right now.
I love my girls. Period. Right now though, they are so much fun! I can't even count how many times this week they both crawled up into my lap and we all just snuggled for hours. I don't like them being sick, but I sure do love that good cuddling time.
So, the rest of this post is mainly for my benefit. I want to remember a few things, and what better way than to journal it on here. The pictures are just random of this week.
Brecken...11 months old-
*You like to squeal when you don't get your way.
*If you are tired and someone tells you no or not to do something, you pout that lip out and it is so adorable.
*You still eat baby food, but I have to put it on a regular plate and warm it up for you to like it. (spoiled, alittle?)
*If someone you are really attached to, i.e. daddy, GG, Granddaddy or Granny, you make a b-line straight for them.
*You take about a 30 min. nap in the AM and an hour or so in the PM.
*When music comes on the tv, you will rock your body a little.
*You like to take Kayden's things, especially in the tub, you have already figured out how to tease her with toys.
*Anytime Kayden laughs, Brecken joins right in. That is my favorite sound in the whole world!
*I think you weigh about 18 lbs.
*You are not a good eater. Sometimes you will eat baby food, sometimes you won't have anything to do with it. Same thing with table food. (stresses me out at times.)
*You like to flirt with preacher Keith, who sits right behind us in church. And you will go to him with no hesitation.
*If there is a child around, your eyes are glued to them.
*YOu can crawl faster than I can walk sometimes.
*You love to take things off the pantry shelves, then look at me and smile.
*You can still wear 9 mo. clothes, but we are wearing more and more 12 mo.
*You hate shoes, and barely wear them.
*I have to take you with me when I go from room to room, b/c you pitch a fit when you can't see me. Aww, I love you too baby.
*You make me smile daily, and I treasure all the hugs and wet kisses you give me. I love you baby girl.

Kayden...almost 4 yrs old-
*You LOVE school and Mrs. Lori.(so do I)
*You will come home and mimic exactly what you did at school that day and what Mrs. Lori said.
*You are singing or talking all of the time...even in your sleep.
*Kayden still wakes up during the night, probably 4 nights out of the week.
*A few months ago I noticed light blonde hairs on your arms and legs. (Tear)
*You want to help me around the house with everything and you do a great job at it. (I think you will be a perfectionist like me)
*When you are tired, especially, you have a sassy mouth and talk back. Which gets you a nice spanking. (don't judge)
*You want to be held a lot. I guess since Brecken came along, you have wanted others to hold you more.
*If I try to correct a word or song, you tell me I am not right. (usually am, but who's counting)
*You know were we are going just by the roads we are on and the buildings we pass.
*Shopping is in your blood...also passed down from 3 generations.
*When you are sad, you will tell us you miss Aunt Terri, or Grandmama and PawPaw.
*For some reason you ask me about growing up, like, "when will I be 5?" or "When will I be in high school?" (another tear)
*You are an on the go girl. If someone is offering to take don't even think twice.
*You get annoyed by, peoples shirt being up and exposing their belly; things not straight; and you have to fix it immediately.
*You are truly a joy and fun girl to be with. You are very loving and caring towards everyone. I love you sweet girl.

Kayden came out of her room with this is clothes we use for baby dolls!

Helping with the laundry. (nice snot!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day

Tonight, Kayden's school had a grandparents day program. All the grades participated in some way, and the K3, K4 and K5 did a program together. Those little kids are so cute! They did such a good job and Kayden wanted me to put the videos up for Grandmama and PawPaw, since they couldn't be here for it. We love all our grand and great grandparents!
Getting ready to start(Kayden is on the bottom row, middle with blue shirt and red bow)

KK and one of her best buds, Reagan(both not looking at me...)

Kayden, GG and Granddaddy

Me and Kayden

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend Ryan, Kristin and Kinsey came down for a visit. We had a really good time with them and hanging out with all our family. I love our girls at this age. Kinsey was more interested in Kayden, but I know one day she and Brecken will be giving Kayden a fit! I just want time to stand still right now. I don't want my girls getting any older!!!!

I think they are up to something...

Planning an escape???

Sweet Kinsey Mae

the girls

Kinsey, Kristin, Me and Brecken(my hair is outrageous! I got it cut yesterday, don't worry)

They weren't so thrilled about the grass.

Nutra grain bar...check, milk...check, john deer pj's...check, messy is good

Uncle Aaron and Kinsey

Me, Kristin, and Gena (she didn't want her picture taken, but we made her, so please don't be mad at me Gena )

Breck-Breck and Mommy

Givin' some good kisses

John put the girls swings up yesterday! Kayden was thrilled and Brecken was a little hesitant, but she loves it now.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Kayden's accomplishments

Kayden LOVES school! She was already pretty smart (a little biased). But, she is really catching on and can remember so much in such a little time. I think she knows about 15 new songs and can sing all the words. All this in just a month! Anyway, here is a sampling of her work...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Just hangin' out

I haven't put up pictures in a long time, so I am way overdue...sorry. These are just random pictures over the past few weeks.
Terri was here this weekend, I didn't take one picture while she was here. She did, so I will steal some of hers soon.
Have a good week!

Hook, Line and Sinker!

Kayden walking on Daddy's back

Playing before bedtime (Grandmama, Kayden had just called you on this phone and had given it to Brecken to talk to you!)

My sweet angel....

Finally, a teeth shot!

Trying a lemon...Before


Who said solids, stripes and polka dots don't match! (Kayden picked out this outfit for school, I just couldn't deny her)

she is actually smiling/screaming