Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 years...

This weekend was John's 10 year HS reunion, so we loaded up and headed to TN. Of course, it also gave us another reason to go see the family. Friday we were able to just relax and visit with Grandmama, PawPaw and the rest of the family. We didn't get to see the aunts/uncles very much. We missed you all! Saturday morning we went to a picnic for his classmates and their families. Kayden had a great time and made some new friends. We didn't get to see Austin b/c he was sick, so maybe on our next trip we will get some playing time with him.
Saturday night we went to eat with Adam and Candace, John's friends from high school and then went to the reunion. We both had a really good time. John was able to visit with some people he hadn't seen in 10 yrs. It was fun to hear the good ole days stories and put faces with names.
Sunday, we just hung out b/c it rained all day. We were able to spend a lot of time with Grandmama and Pawpaw and we loved every minute of it.
We came home yesterday, and that was one long trip! We are all glad to be home. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. We love and miss all of you.

Brecken hangin' out at the park

Kayden posin' at the park
John and me at the reunion
Adam and Candace

Sid, Adam, John and Jason

The kids giving Brecken some major attention (notice Kayden is the only one posing for the camera...I would say she has had some practice)

Hannah and Kayden (she loves Hannah!)

PawPaw and Kayden doing flips

Just a swingin'

PawPaw, Kayden, Grandmama, Brecken and the back of Kaz
Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend visitors

This weekend we had some exciting visitors. Grandmama, PawPaw, Grandma Margie and Laura came for a few days. We grilled out Saturday night played some pool at the lodge. Kayden was teaching everyone her way. After church we ate at Moms, then layed around and did some shopping. The girls and I met them for breakfast at Cracker Barrel Monday morning before they left. We really enjoyed their visit and will see them this weekend too!

The crew after breakfast

Grandmama and Brecken

Kayden showing Grandma Margie how to play pool


Last night in the car the girls were laughing at each other and Kayden said, "Mom, I am glad I have a little sister to play with." (just melted my heart)
She also told her Daddy that at Chick fil a there was a fussed cow (stuffed cow). Totally cracked me up. Posting pics later today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last weekend...picture overload!!!

Warning...there is a ton of pictures and a ton to catch up on. Just be prepared.
Last Friday, Terri came to town. We went to Brecken's dr. appt that day and then layed around Mom and Dads. We always get in plenty of hangin' out time. It is so much fun. Kristin also came into town, and I hardly have any pictures of her, so check out her blog for more.
Before I recap the weekend...Brecken is 7 months old today. Hard to believe at times. So this picture is capturing her 7 mo. milestone...

Saturday...Kayden had a ball game, and Aunt Terri made this cute card. We love that crafty Aunt Terri!

Sat. afternoon...We went to a Mother/Daughter Tea at Granny's church. It was really nice and some yummy food! And of course we couldn't pass up an opportunity for some pictures.

This lily is in Janey's garden. I thought you might like this picture, Beverly.

Saturday evening...we celebrated the birthdays in our family for May. Hamburgers, cake and ice cream...yummy again.

Happy Birthday to Terri, Papa, Uncle Philip and Boston!

Sunday...we had brunch at Kinderlou after church. Happy Mother's Day, Momma! YOu are wonderful.

Sunday afternoon...we graced Bev's pool...can you say, "Baby got back!"

Monday...Kayden had another tball game, but before we went there we made one stop at the mall. And...Brecken got her ears pierced. (If you do not agree with me or have any ugly thoughts, please keep them to yourself. I really don't want my blog to be trashed.)
I got Kayden's done at the same age. She cried when I held her head, and a moment when they put the earrings in and then she was over it. Nothin' to it. The first picture is pure oblivion..

check out them blue eyes...i just love her so much.

Most of these pictures are due to Terri's photography capabilities. Thank you Terri and thanks for coming to see us. We love you and miss you already. Only a month until we see you again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Answered Prayer

I am a little late posting this, but we have been busy, busy, busy the past few days. On April 30th, we took Brecken to have an ultrasound, blood work and urine test done. Everything went really good that day. Papa and Granny tagged along to drive and help with the girls. Thanks again by the way. Well Friday, Mom, Terri, Kayden, Brecken and I all headed to Albany to see the specialist and hear the results. Over the past week, I would get worried about what he would tell us, then I would regain my composure and remember that worrying wasn't going to help change anything...so I prayed. And then at times I wouldn't be worried at all...very weird. Anyway, so Terri and I took Brecken thru the workup and left Mom in the waiting room with Kayden. First let me say, the nurse? took her weight, then proceeded to get her height, but running a tape measure from the top of her head around her body to her feet. And the number she came up with...28 1/2 in.!!!! She was just 25 1/2 about a month ago. Needless to say, she wasn't a true nurse, just an employee and wasn't familiar with proper measuring. I just looked at Terri like, are you crazy?
Dr. Ortiz came in and talked to Brecken. She liked him until he turned the lights our to shine that bright light into her eyes. But she got over it. He showed me her labs and told us that everything was normal with blood and urine! HUGE! One of the biggest indications would be her creatnine levels and they were normal. It was a huge sigh of relief on my part. He read the ultrasound findings and although there are still cysts present, her kidneys are functioning like they should. The radiologist said it looked like Polycystic to him too, but for now, she is perfect and healthy, and no need to worry.
Thank you God! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and this little sweet girl. We are so blessed to have her and we are blessed to have so many prayer warriors on our side.
God is Good as always. Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The New Me...

HA! Ok, so that is not really me (in case you couldn't tell). I have to have some goal, right? BTW: this is a pep talk for myself and any one else who wants to get in shape and lose some weight. If it is not you, just check back for a differet post later. Thanks!
This week I started a weight/cardio program at the gym. I have never really gotten into lifting weight, working out, etc. But, this baby weight isn't going to go away by itself...so, I will press on.
Monday evening I went in to meet with Ashley. I tried to dress myself appropriately, workout shorts, a simple t-shirt over my sports bra still supporting my breastfeeding girlies. The other girls in there of course have these tiny tank tops over their sports bra and black yoga pants on. Yeah, my butt is not ready for those. So, Ashley gets my height, weight and measurements...that is a humbling experience for sure. And then she gets my body fat %. It was not pretty, and I am not even telling you the number. She takes me through about 10 machines that will work abs, upper and lower body. The last time I worked out on weight machines was in college at HU weight room...I had actually forgotten some things. Sad, I know.
Then I did eliptical for 30 min. It was a really good workout and to my surprise I enjoyed it. I have been working out by myself for the past few months, but I just hit a wall and wasn't going anywhere. Hopefully this will get more weight off and more things toned up. Of course I did it again yesterday and I can barely walk without my legs buckeling under me and my butt throbbing.
It is amazing how your body gets distorted after babies. I mean for us normal ones...for those of you who were a size 2 and went back to a size 2 the day your babies were born, please skip this paragraph. This is definitely something no one tells you about before hand. Not that it would matter, our babies are our life, it's just not something I prepared to handle afterwards. Anyway, after 3 babies, I am determined to lose this weight and get to where I need to be. I am not saying, "Oh, I am so fat!" I am just admitting the fact that I am overweight and need to lose it to be more healthy. I have seen results already, and that makes me want to do more. I actually have knees I forgot about. I was so excited to see them!
It is hard to get going when you have children and other activities consuming your time to make time for yourself, but we all need to do it. Eating better has also made me more aware of what to do. I look at calories now...really out of my character.
But, if I want to get somewhere, I have to do it. I hope this pep talk has encouraged you to get moving if you have been thinking about it. Let me know and keep me updated on your progress.