Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to you 2!

Today is a very special day for a sweet little boy (and his mama)! It is a special day for me too...kind of in a different way though. Two years ago I got to be at the hospital when Rowan was born. I don't mean in the waiting room, anticipating the news...I mean, outside the door and heard his first cries. (Also, a few sounds from his mama...) Since then, I just want to kiss this little man any time I see him. I have to chase him down to do it, but it is well worth it. He has the sweetest little spirit. I can't think of a better word for him. Oh, he gives his mama a run for her money...daily, but he really is a sweetheart.
You are probably wondering why I am posting about a child other than my own...well,
Patience was the first close friend whose baby's birth I was present for. It was such a neat experience and I will never forget it. Also, Rowan was born just a few months before Janey. Anytime I wonder what she would be doing now, I simply think of him and try to imagine her sweet little face playing with him. He is a blessing to his family and friends and just a little reminder of my sweet little girl. It is a good reminder though. I don't fall apart or anything when I see him, I just have a sense of peace come over me knowing she is safe in Heaven.
Sorry to get a little emotional, I have just been thinking about Rowan a lot lately, and the reminders of Janey.
Happy Birthday Rowan! (And his sweet Mama!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First tee ball game

Kayden had her first teeball game yesterday. I am helping babysit, I mean coach. There are 12 3-5 year olds on our team. It is quite humorous to say the least. They all get to hit and run the bases. Our kiddos did really good too. I was really proud of Kayden. I started teeball when I was her age, so it brought back many memories.
Earlier though, Kayden and I went with Patience and the boys to the library and park. Everyone got a few books then we headed to the park for some lunch and playtime. The kids had a great time, and Patience and I enjoyed ourselves too. It was nice to be outside with the weather so wonderful.
Oh yeah, not to forget my wonderful babysitter...thanks Granny for watching Brecken!

This was actually before the game on the way there...that park wore her out!

Running the bases...

Hitting the ball...(little out of order, oops.)

Posing for the camera...

Me and my champ!

Best Friends at the park (Kayden grabbed his hand and said, lets hold hands.)

Checking out the witch bridge as Patience calls it


Reagan on the move...it was hard to get a picture of him, he was going non-stop! I took a good pic of Rowan and I just deleted it and I am not at home to put a new one up. Sorry Rowan, I will make up for it next week!

God is so Good and I thank him for all our wonderful kiddos and blessings...our family, our health, our jobs and our friends. Most importantly, his Son.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The pink fishing pole

My Dad got Kayden a fishing pole, so last Friday, they had to test it out. That is all she talked about Friday. She couldn't wait until Granddaddy got home so they could fish. She rode with him to get the crickets and then they were off to catch some fish. I stayed out there, of course to capture the big moment. She did really good...she was very patient...not quiet, but patient. For some reason she wanted to help "whack" (cast) it. I did most of the casting but she did reel it in. And after a while, she actually caught a fish. She was the only one, too. She was so proud of her fish. She loved being able to show John, too. After that, she was about done.
Thanks Dad for thinking of Kayden and getting her first fishing pole.

Kayden trying out Granddaddy's fishing pole.

Yeah, she doesn't like to bait the hook either...wonder where she gets that from???

Isn't that so cute!

And the final product! She told people he was green, and friendly, so you could pet him.

Monday, April 20, 2009

March for Babies

This weekend was March for Babies. The day was perfect...no rain! We had a great turnout and as always it was very moving to see all the participants who have a love for healthy babies. We were so blessed to be able to share our story with others in our community and tell them about Janey and why we are involved with this organization. Yesterday also marks the anniversary that we found out about Janey's condition. It is ironic how those events coincide together. It is special, actually. I thought a lot about her and how we missed out on so many special things. But, I also thought about how blessed we are that we had her, held her and know she is better off now. Anyway, we had a good day and it wouldn't have been possible without the support of so many. Whether you supported us financially or emotionally, THANK YOU! (just a little plug, sorry...you can still donate...just click my link)
Really though, thank you for all that you have endured with us! My wish is that this event will continue to grow and more people will understand the importance of prenatal care and making sure babies are born healthy.

Me and my sweet baby! (I designed our shirts too...Peace, Love and Healthy Babies)

The family...don't you love Kayden's sunglasses and Brecken's expression?

Me speaking at lunch.

VJWC, our team.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 Months, Already?????

Time is flying, and we are having fun. Little girl is growin' fast. A few things I want to remember at this age:
She is starting to get upset when I leave the room.

She still doesn't sleep through the night, but getting better.

She loves baby food.

She reaches for anything and everything she can get her little fingers on.

Brecken loves Kayden. I am sure the feeling is mutual.

She can move around in the walker now.

She plays on her belly longer.

I just love this little girl to pieces!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter. Grandmama sent the girls some money to find some special things to go with their Easter Dresses. Kayden got a hat, purse, and gloves(she wasn't too fond of those and didn't wear them). Brecken got some white shoes and that huge pink bow. Thanks Grandmama, I love it!
After church we went to Aunt Cindy's for lunch. I absolutely love eating home cooked food on Sunday's. My Aunt Cindy is a great cook/baker. She also had eggs for Kayden to hunt. Kayden had a such a good time and got lots of cool things. Thanks for making our day so special, Aunt Cindy.
Mom and Dad got home from Terri's too. They came bearing gifts of course. We will have to take some pics of those things too. Terri...Kayden put the shoes on immediately and wore them home!
I hope your Easter weekend was great too!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Brecken's New Trick

She does this a lot now, and sometimes so hard her face turns red!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random Pics

No reason for this post...just a few pictures.

Me and the girls after church (yes, this was the best we could get from Kayden.)

Much better...

And, my chunky monkey!

Monday, April 06, 2009


...will never go by without me thinking about Adam and his friendship and his service to our country. Thank you Adam, you are loved and missed.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Not a bad day to celebrate 29...

Thank you to everyone who called, emailed or texted and my special day a great one.

My bday celebration started on Wed. when Summer was in town and took me to lunch. We ate at chili's and had dessert, which I never get. It was great. Thanks Summer! Love ya.

Thursday morning, Patience made blueberry muffins and I had breakfast with her and Nikki. Thanks girls for starting my day off. I didn't take a picture of the three of us, so just imagine one "here". I hadn't intended to work out, but then I figured, I better...you will see why later.
So, I did my P90X...

After lunch, I had to make a run to town to renew my tags...last day to do it since it expired on my bday. It had been pouring, but thankfully, the few places I had to go, had drive thru so I didn't have to get the girls out. They actually slept the entire time. (I am stopped at a red light by the way, not driving)

I also got my haircut, pretty short. The picture was taken about 9:00 PM, so it looks really bad. But I really like the cut...very springy.
All of my family was busy, so there wasn't any party or party hats (Kayden was really concerned about that one) so I ordered myself a cookie cake, i.e. the reason for working out...

I had a meeting so I had to brave the weather, again. But, it was a great day. Thanks to everyone who made it special.
And a post wouldn't be complete without a picture of my sweet girls. Enjoy! Thanks Aunt Terri for the matching shirts!
And a special shout out to Grandmama whose Birthday is TODAY!!! Hope it is a great one. Enjoy your new friend! :)