Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Info. From Dr. Visit

Melissa said the specialist called them today to let them know that all of the blood and urine tests came back NORMAL! The creatnine level was at 0.6 which the Doctor said was exactly where it was supposed to be. This is GREAT news! We definitely need to continue praying for Brecken's health but it looks like she is moving in the right direction. They will know more on Dec. 31. They are really enjoying the family in Gatlinburg. Melissa said Kayden is loving playing with her cousins. They have a hot tub on their balcony and their cabin is on top of a mountain :) Hope you all have a great thanksgiving break. We are all thankful for you taking the time to care about our family.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Specialist Visit

This is Terri - just wanted to let you know how the specialist visit went. Melissa and the rest of the fam are on their way to Tenn. and didn't have a way to post.

They did two tests on Brecken - blood and urine. They had to catheter her for the urine test - poor baby! They did not do an ultrasound or sonogram - The Dr. looked at the records from the Valdosta dr. and assured Melissa and John that Brecken's kidneys are not an emergency type situation. They are scheduled to go back on Dec 31 and have an ultrasound that morning and then meet with the dr. later that day. Melissa seemed very positive about their meeting with the Dr. I know it was reassuring to hear that Brecken is doing well. She is up to 8 lbs 1 oz so she's growing like a weed :)

Thanks to all who have prayed on their behalf. Please continue to pray for Brecken's health. And have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brecken at one month

I am a few days late on posting Brecken's one month pictures. Better late than never. She is doing really well. I am not sure how much she weighs now, but I can tell she is gaining. She does awesome at peeing and pooping. Not great at eating or sleeping. She just likes to take her time. Are all babies like that? I guess I can't remeber how it was all the time with Kayden. Anyway, we are loving our sweet girl and Kayden is a great big sister.
We will go to see the specialist on Monday. Please say a pray that we will have a safe trip and that he will see nothing wrong. Thanks in advance.

Brecken waving to all her many fans!

Not sure what she is looking at there.

My sweet girls.

Kayden and Rauly holding Brecken.

Doin' some sweet dreamin'.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Better or worse

You have heard and probably said the saying, " It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." Last week I started thinking about this saying but alittle differently.
It all started b/c my friend Amanda lost her little boy on Wed. morning. He was only 5 mo. old. Thursday night I sat on my bed and cried for her. Why did this have to happen to someone else. John came in and he just listened to me for a little while and one of the things that I said was would it be better or worse to lose a child at birth, or when they are older. I would never change having Janey. NEVER! I developed a bond with her eventhough she didn't come home with us. But, someone who brings their child home develops a different bond. They get to see their child smile or laugh or cry. And when that child dies, is it better or worse that they get to live with the memories. I just feel torn sometimes when I think about how I would have changed things. Would I have wanted to bring her home and make months of memories, just to have her taken away? Or was it best that I didn't?
This really isn't for anyone to respond to really, just some things on my mind I needed to put in writing. Feel free to, but I know it is a heavy subject.
Before I leave I just want to ask you to say a special prayer for the Ryan and Amanda Lee family. They have had a long road, and it is going to be a tough road ahead. They are both children of God and have a strong family and I know they will be ok. Baby Jack is safe in the arms of Jesus know and I pray that this brings just an ounce of peace to their family. We love you guys.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A weekend of Family and Friends

Thursday night, Nikki, Patience and I met for some much needed coffee and girl time. Patience brought some pics from back in the day, so we had some major laughs. I love these girls and we always have so much fun together.
Friday afternoon, Ryan, Kristin and KINSEY came to town. I was so excited to see them. Kristin is my first cousin but we grew up so close we are practically sisters. Anyway, we did some baby swapping and just watched them most of the evening. It is so fun to know our girls will grow up so close in age.
Saturday, Chad and Lindsey came up for a visit. It has been a while since we have seen them and we always have a great time and have tons to catch up on. Lindsey and I hung out at our house and the boys went to do their thing. Eventually, we met up with the rest of my family at my Aunts house. Cindy cooked soup and had all the family over so they could see the Blounts and their sweet girl, or gurl as Kayden says.
Sunday, we took a few pictures of the girls before Brecken had a major blowout! Thank goodness for Shout! And, for some reason, her poop stinks. Anyone who breastfed have any idea why??? I didn't think breastfed babies were supposed to stink, but oh how it does.
Sorry, I got sidetracked. Ok, after church that night all our family came over and we had Kayden's party. Her birthday was the 10th, but it was easy to do a party on Sunday. She wanted a diego cake, so my friend Lindsi made it. (sorry, another side note...she has her own business, so if you want some homemade cakes or baked goodies, and you are local, let me know and I will give you her info. She does a great job!)
The cake turned out wonderful and most importantly, Kayden loved it. She had a great time, too. She was very happy and enjoyed tearing open all her presents. I have such a great family and they are really good to us.
Yesterday, Monday was her birthday and I decided to take her shopping so she could spend some of her birthday money. It started out fine, but then when people started calling to tell her happy birthday, she didnt' want to talk and said, "I don't want it to be my birthday." What kid says that? She is seriously 3 going on 13. Her mood can change in a second. She was ok off and on through the day, but ended up taking a nap b/c of her stinky behavior.
All in all we had a great weekend and it is hard to believe my little girl is 3! I have tons of things that I want to remember but that post will have to be next. She really is a good girl and very thoughtful of others. But that 5% of the time, I wonder how I will make it through the next 15 years...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A whopper

Ok, well she isn't a whopper yet, but she is getting there. We took Brecken for a weight check on thursday and she was 7 lbs! We were so proud of her! No pictures and not a big post but I will have a long one after this weekend is over. We have had a busy weekend and I will post pictures soon. And a quick shout out to my sis in law, Mary, and my niece, Hannah...Happy Birthday today!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Oh what treats we were...

We had a great Halloween! Some friends from church had a party for the kids, and us too. The kids did karoke, played, ate, had a hay ride and got a bunch of candy. Kayden really had a good time. She was so polite and remembered to say "trick or treat" and "thank you" each time. Brecken slept through most of it.
My aunt Cindy is very talented and creative and use to make a lot of my cousins costumes so she said she would help me with Kaydens. Kayden told us she wanted to be a pumpkin. So, my wonderful aunt made it for her. Thank you so much Aunt Cindy, we love you.
John and I dressed up too. There were some other adults dressed up and it is always fun to see what people will come dressed as. Anyway, John and I were white trash. Our picture says enough. My mom was a gypsy. And some of the kids didn't even recognize her.
A fun time was had by all!

My precious punkins'

My mom, the gypsy

You know you want to be like us!

Aunt Cindy and KK

Cheesin it up for the camera