Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prayer List

Last night we had a prayer service instead of our regular Bible study. A man at our church is very ill and they do not know why. When our preacher announced what we were doing he also mentioned a few other of members in the area and at our church, which included Brecken, John and I. Have you ever been humbled? I have in the past year, a few times, but last night was no different. There is nothing more humbling than sitting in a building with your brothers and sisters in Christ and listening to your name being brought before God in prayer. I was not prepared for last night. They had one for us when we first found out about Brecken and her possible condition. I did sit in the auditorium b/c I knew I couldnt take it. But, I know that because of those prayers that went up in her behalf and somany others, she will be fine. All that to say this...There are a lot of peole surrounding me that need a prayer. So, if you will just say a prayer for all these I am about to mention, Iknow God is listening. Feel free to add them to your personal list. But for today, stop what you are doing and go to God, please.

Tim Thornhill-has been moved to Emory for tests, Dr.s are not sure what is causing his illness, but it is serious.
Mike Armstrong - battle with Cancer
Alan Guess - undergoing tests, possible MS
Faye and Hood Wisenbaker - been through surgeries and are recovering
All my pregnant friends - there are too many to name, but pray that all these women and their children will be taken care of
Jack Lee - little boy who is not doing well, check Amanda L. blog for details
Shannon, Jill, Arah, and Sara - ladies who I have come in contact with who have lost babies recently and the anniversary of their death is in the next few months
Avie - that she will gain some weight so she can have her surgery in Oct.

I probably left someone off...I am sorry, I will add more when my brain starts working. Again, thank you in advance for your prayers.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rollin' the Gospel Chariot

I know it is sideways! I didn't realize it until it was too late to rotate it. You can still get the same effect.
Some of you may know the first song she is singing and some probably not. I sang this when I was younger and it is one of those traditional bible school songs around here. Anyway, hope you enjoy. My battery died or I would have recorded more songs.
(Two posts in one day...I am making up for lost time.)

She is only 2...

We have been so busy getting everything settled into our newest home and we don't have internet yet, so blogging has been put on the backburner. Sorry, Terri, I am doing my best! I am doing fine, just ready for Brecken to be here. Not literally though.

It has been a while since I have recorded some of the lastest Kaydenisms, so I wanted to do that before I forgot. Don't forget the title, she is only two (until November)!
If you remember from before she gets in trouble for being ugly to us and not apologizing. The other day John told her to tell me she was was sorry and her reply was, "I can't say I am sorry all the time, because then it wont' mean anything." (Word for word people. And we have never said that around her.)
She knows where places are. She can recognize when we are getting close to a "landmark" i.e. Wal Mart, Target, Chick fil a, church and also Lindsey's Daddys work.
She loves to sing bible school songs...all the time. She is actually pretty good and I will try to upload one if I can get it to work. When we sing Jesus loves the little children, she adds "pink" to the color of children.
Last week was my parents anniversary (try to explain that to a 2 year old) and we were trying to tell her that they got married a long time a go on this exact day. Very sternly, she said, GRANDDADDY IS NOT MARRIED! Not sure what all that was about...
She is very inquisitive (sp?) You can't give her an answer and leave it at that. She wants to know specifics, why or who said or what happens next. It is like having a conversation with a 12 year old.
She is getting more sassy...She tells us that it makes her sad when we spank her. So, we tell her, then don't be ugly so we don't have to spank you.
She is just a smart little girl. She knows what our names begin with and can pick them out on the keyboard.
Kayden is very excited about Brecken. She has said a few times, I am ready for baby Brecken. (That makes two of us!)
She loves to be at my Granny's house. Many mornings she will wake up asking to go there. NOt sure if it is because she can watch TV all day or Granny gives her anything she wants to eat, all day. It doesn't bother me though, that is what Granny's are for. And she is a good Granny, she let me do all those things whenI was little :)
She still doesn't sleep well. She will be awake for 1-2 hours at night. Just wide awake. NOt every night, but on many occasions. I think she gets it from me b/c she will lay there and talk about the day or things we forgot or need to do. I was laying with her the other night and she sat up and said, "Mommy, we forgot Breckens crib at our old house!" I, very groggily, said, Kayden it is in storage we will get it out later.
She has bad dreams I guess b/c she cries out a lot in the middle of the night. Usually stays asleep, but talks too.
She can't stand for her shirt to be too short. Especially at night, if it rides up, she will get upset and have to change.
She likes to play dress up but won't wear anything that has the itchy krinlin (sp?) on it.
She is obsessed with picking her boo-boos. First, mosquitos flock to her. She will have 5 bites in about a minute if we don't put something onher. They itch so bad that she scratches them raw, and then they bleed. WE put a bandaid on and if she sees a scab she will scratch it off, then it bleeds, then a bandaid again. It is a vicious cycle. We have threatened everything possible and had to start putting alcohol on them. She has gotten better, but will still do it.
Well, I think that is about all for now. I might add some just for myself later. I will try to post a picture or video soon (Terri).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Up from the bed she arose...

On Friday I called my dr b/c I was having some discomfort in my lower belly. just on my left side and it wasn't pain, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything serious. I didn't get to see my normal dr., and the midwife told me it was probably scar tissue, not to be worried but put me on bed rest for the weekend anyway. (by the way, bed rest sounds all good and fun, but it is so NOT!) So, I stayed in bed or in the chair Friday-Sunday. Thankfully, I had a regular appt. today. I got to see my dr. and she said it probably was scar tissue just stretching, but nothing to worry about. (I am no longer on bed rest.) I will start going every two weeks now...yippee, and will have an ultrasound done at my next visit...yippee, and we will also schedule my c-section...triple yippee! I can't wait for this pregancy to be over. I don't want Brecken here this early, but I am really ready to be out of maternity clothes, done with heartburn, done with backache and stomach discomfort. Anyway, sorry for the gripe. I am thankful that I am healthy! So, that is about all that went on.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the Past, the Present and the Future

This weekend was filled with celebrations. I posted them in three parts (mainly because I am slide show challenged). They are posted out of order though. Each day we celebrated either the past, present or future in some way. The last one is lengthy, but I wanted to make sure and record some things so I didn't forget.

The Present (part 1)

Our first celebration of the weekend was Lindsay and Willis's wedding. They had a beautiful (and short)ceremony then had a gorgeous reception under a huge oak tree. They had the food under white tents and had white lights all over the oak tree. It was just so fun. They also had a photo booth set up so you could get some funny photos. We didn't have time, so I don't have those, but she kept a set for herself as a keepsake. (How creative is she?)
Lindsay and Willis are just those type of people that you just can't help but to love. They are two of the most selfless and genuinely caring people you will ever find. They have been dating since high school and I have known both of them a long time. I am so happy for them as they begin this wonderful journey. As you will see, my pictures are blurry...sorry, I still have trouble with pictures at night.

The Future (part 2)

Sunday, my aunts, my mom and I gave Kristin a baby shower. Kristin and I are due just a few weeks apart and both expecting girls. I have said this before but Kristin and I are like sisters instead of cousins. We have always been very close so it was an honor for me to be a part of this. There was a really good turn out and she got lots of cute and useful things for baby B (or Agnes as my sister refers to her). It was so good to spend the weekend with her and talk about our little girls. I wish she lived closer so I could be there when the baby is born, but I will have to settle for the next visit.
Ryan and Kristin - I love you very much and I can't wait to meet baby girl.

The Past (part 3)

Saturday would have been Janey's 1st birthday. It still amazes me how fast this year has gone by. I knew I wanted to be surrounded with family and friends and for this to be a celebration of her life. I wanted John, Kayden and myself to do something special for Janey and a friend gave me an idea. Well, Kayden first brought up part of it. A few weeks ago, Kayden and I had this conversation while we were driving in the car:
Kayden: Mommy, I can't see Janey in heaven.
Mommy: Heaven is too far away and we can't see up that far.
Kayden: She is up there with Jesus.
Mommy: Yes, she is, but we can't see her.
Kayden: We could get a balloon and go see her.
Mommy: Well, that sounds good, but the balloon won't take us that far. It is a long way.
Kayden: But, i want to see Janey.
Mommy: We will one day.
So, I told Patience this story and she gave me an idea. I told Kayden a few days before that Sat. was Janey's birthday and if she was here she would be 1 year old. Not much more discussion than that. Sat. morning we told her we were going to get a balloon and send it to Janey on her birthday. So, we headed out to get a balloon and Kayden informed me that she wanted a red one. Red it was. I also got a red rose to lay on her grave. Terri had already arranged to have flowers put out last week. Kayden was so excited about sending Janey a balloon. We took a few pictures and talked a little more about what were to doing. Kayden sent the balloon off to Janey and we just stood and watched it for a few minutes. And I was ok. On our way out of the cemetery John said he couldn't see it anymore. Kayden replied with, "I guess Janey got it then." She amazes me with her smartness.
I spent the rest of the day busying myself and really enjoyed my day. My aunt surprised me with a bench for Janey's garden. It was just what I had envisioned. Thank you again!
We invited our family and some friends over for a cookout that evening. The Eason's arrived just intime for John and my Dad to rig up a homemade slip-n-slide. It was hilarious to see them swinging Kayden and Shepherd down it. Rauly wasn't too excited. The guys even got in on the action. We had a large group gradually come for dinner and it was such a nice evening we were able to sit outside and visit. We missed the family and friends that werent' able to be here to remember Janey, but I know she is in their hearts and that is all that matters to me. So many people love Janey and she isn't even here in person.
After all the festivities were over and everyone was getting settled, I sat down in front of the computer to watch the slide show Ryan had made for us. He has been working on it and brought it this weekend. He had about 4 different versions and each one had different songs or pictures. I watched everyone of them. And cried through everyone of them. I can't express to Ryan the love I feel for him for taking the time to put together something so special for me. It was wonderful. I needed that time and I spent some time looking through Janey's things. Sometimes I forget how small she was until I hold that little dress in my hands. I still have everything from the hospital and some of it is just as it was then. I miss my little girl so much and it is hard for me to think about it and what she would be doing now. I just hate the thought of not being able to know her more. I will one day, and I have that to look forward to.
Today, was the day we buried her. No parent should have to go through that. Ever! I know though that Janey is at peace and so I am at peace.
If I could make believe what happens in heaven this would be my dream...that the angels threw her the biggest 1st birthday party ever. All the little kids were there and they had cake and were gold hats and played on the golden swings that I know are there. I would wish her to get that red balloon and know it was from her sister, mommy and daddy. And that when all our friends and family were gathered around and prayed about her, she was holding our hands too.
I know, dare to dream Melissa.
Thank you to everyone who celebrated Janey's life with us and remembered us this weekend. Your thoughts and comments, as always, mean more to me than I can express. I am so blessed to have had the time with Janey that I had. And, I am so blessed to have the support that I have. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, Janey!

I didn't want today to go by without me saying how much I love Janey and wish she were here. I will post more on Monday.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Lessons Learned

Over the past week, I have learned quite a few valuable lessons...
1. My child hates to apologize! Last week, we had 3 incidents where Kayden was told to apologize to adults (me twice and John once). She would NOT do it. She would rather get a spanking and be sent to her room that cough up two small words. The first two times, she finally did say it. The last time we were at our house and she had been ugly to John and we told her to apologize, she said no, we sent her to her room. We both went in there and tried to explain why. She was bawling and starting to become really defiant. John told her that if she didnt' apologize, she would get a spanking. (Sorry, I should have said this before...we DO spank Kayden. And we do not believe it is wrong. If she is disobedient, she will get a spanking. It doesn't mean we don't love her. If you are going to have a nasty comment, stop reading now!) Ok, so she got a few spankings and she would NOT apologize. We finally got to her by telling her that her friends apologize to their parents when they are not nice. She had to calm down and when she did, it hurt her feelings soooooo bad, she started crying again. She is so stubborn yet so tender-hearted. This entire ordeal lasted about 1 1/2 hours! During this time we encountered one more problem which brings me to my next lesson...

2. My husband is very strong! After we spanked her we left the room for about 10 min and shut her door. When we went back she had locked the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her very sternly to open the door. At first she told me no, she didn't want to. Finally, she tried but couldn't get the lock twisted. John had to break in the door! The metal plate on the door frame came off and I think it scared Kayden a little. I am not sure I could have gotten through a window, much less pushed in a door.

3. Kayden doesn't like to sleep and doesn't require as much as a lot of kids. She will go through phases where she will be awake for 1-2 hours at night. Talk about wearing me out! We have actually dealt with that since she has been about 9 mo. old. Fun times! Oh, but the girl can sleep in the car, as you can see below.

4. Never let a man come to a yard sale. On Saturday, a few girls had a yard sale and I added a few items, mainly because I was bored. And, like Nikki, I like yard sales. Anyway, we had a good time just visiting in between visitors. Ryan (NIkki's husband) and John came by, and as you can see by the last picture, guys should just not be at a yard sale. (Keith, I told you I was blogging about this!)
If you know NIkki, you can understand how NOT out of the ordinary this is. She also had a caboodle! I think Tasha was introduced to a few new characters, i.e. JOhn and Stacy was educated on many things!
My nerdy husband. He could get the helmet on so he just walked around scaring yard salers with it on top of his head.
5. It could only take a second for a child to drown. Yesterday after lunch I took Kayden, Bailey and Lindsey to the pool. Nikki went to do some shopping, and I just wanted to relax by the pool. Bailey can swim, and Lindsey wears armies and Kayden either wears armies or a tube around her. She wanted the tube and we have never had problems with that and she WANTS it on. Well, Nikki's mom was outside and we were chatting and I turned my head for seriously a second and when I looked back at the steps I saw Kaydens tube on the deck. I stared searching for Kayden and she was about a foot away from the steps popping up and down in the water but not able to grab the side or anything. She couldn't get above the water to take a breath and couldn't say anthing. Ok, now let me put the image in your mind...I am large, my belly is big, and I am not quick! But I barrel out of the lounge chair and jump into the shallow end (thank goodness it wasn't the deep, I am sure I would have sank). It felt like hours before I could pick her up. I jerked her up and got her to calm down and take a breath. She had drank some water b/c she threw up on me when we got her up. Vicki pulled her out and got her to rinse her mouth out and calm down. I was still shaking in the pool. I could have lost it in a second but I didn't want to scare Kayden. I don't know why she took that tube off and why she was that far down the steps, but I know that I will never be the same around a pool again. She got back in the pool and I stayed right beside her and LIndsey the rest of the time. The only thing she said to Vicki was, "You put too much water in that pool!" And, I am seriously going to check into CPR classes.

Needless to say, it has been an interesting week. Do I need to stress how much I enjoy UNEVENTFUL weeks! This week will be better. We have a lot going on next weekend and we will get to see some family and friends we haven't seen in a while. So, see ya next MOnday unless I find something worth blogging about before then!