Monday, July 28, 2008

Wild Adventures

Today, my Mom, Patience and I took Kayden, Reagan, Boston and Colson (I realized I have no pictures of the boys though) to Wild Adventures. They kids rode a few rides and Boston and Colson helped us so much with them. After about 45 min. of that, it is so hot, that we are practically running to the waterpark. We got there shortly after it opened so it wasn't crowded at all. This was Reagan's first time there and it was so much fun to see him get excited about everything. Kayden is usually just as entertaining but she was a bit sleepy and grumpy due to our lack of sleep (I will save that for another post). But, they still had a good time and after a few hours, we were all tired! I was so glad that Patience and Reagan got to go with us. It was nice to watch them play and get a little sun. Everyone starts to school next Monday, so that will probably be our last summer visit. I really have to say thanks to Boston and Colson for all their help everytime we go there. They just follow Kayden around and do whatever she tells them to. She is pretty bossy, but they just eat it up! They are actually my 1st cousins but closer to her age so they all get along so well. I know the day will come when they will be older and too busy with their friends to give her their undivided attention, and I expect that. I just have enjoyed seeing them be so sweet to her. Thanks guys! You are the best!
Thanks to Reagan and Patience for coming with us and as always, Thanks Mom for all you do. I couldn't do it all without you. Nor do I want to! There are a few pictures at the bottom that are of Kayden telling us a story. The child has a great imagination.

Look how cute they are...
Patience and Reagan on the carousel
The train
Kayden looks very confident and
Reagan doesn't look so sure...
Kayden sliding down the fish
Reagan "jumping" the waves
Reagan and Kayden in a very indepth
Relaxing in the wave pool
Telling a story
the rest of the story...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Answered Prayers

Dr. Appt went as I had hoped or close to it.

Here is the overview of each conversation...

Tech: Her kidneys look the same as they did 2 months ago. No change, no cysts. They are functioning properly b/c she is producing urine therefore my fluid levels are normal. She weighs about 2lbs 5oz and heartrate was 153.

Dr: There is no cause for worry right now. There is nothing to worry about. They are doing what they are supposed to and it's not that there is something WRONG with her kidneys, they just look DIFFERENT than most. After she is born, they will do an ultrasound to check further.

Me: So, the ultrasound will tell us if we need to do something or she needs to be on something.

Dr: Yes, but it could just show that it is in her genes that her kidneys look different.

Me: Sounds good.

We are very pleased with what we found out. My dr. just kind of seems like the fuss if over nothing. Not that she has said that, she just doesn't seem to be really worried. Fine by me. We have been praying that Brecken will be fine and I think we are on that road. I can't thank you enough for the prayers that you have said on our behalf, and I ask that you continue until Brecken is here and well.

My next appt. will be in 4 weeks, then 2 weeks after that, I will go back for my 32 week ultrasound. So, the beginning of Sept. we will get to see her again. Now, my focus is on staying healthy and taking care of myself and preparing for Brecken. I have a weird feeling that she will come early (call me crazy). I do not want her to come early, b/c I want her to be fully developed , but something inside is telling me to be prepared earlier. Time will tell.

Ok, I said I would post pictures, but I took some of my belly, and it is jut not attractive. I will post something more interesting, like Kayden, tomorrow though.

Thanks for checking in, and again, THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR BRECKEN! PLEASE DON'T STOP!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Last trimester

I am beginning my last trimester of this pregnancy and I can't begin to describe how excited I am. Mostly about Brecken being here, but a little bit about getting rid/over the "pregnancy woes". Each pregnancy I develop more and more symptoms of pregnancy...wearing me out!
Anyway, tomorrow is my ultrasound (at the regular dr). There is no reason for us to go to a specialist, my dr. office can see the same thing. I fully expect to go in and the tech say, "everything looks fine/the same. We don't think there is a problem." Oh, don't think that in the back of my mind there isn't a what if...but too many prayers have gone up in Brecken's behalf, and I can't ignore that. Nor do I want to. So, please say one more big prayer tonight for ALL of us and I pray that I will have good news to post tomorrow. I also have to do the sugar test, so fun, fun...
I will try to get some new pics. up too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

With Hope

You know those songs that you love to hear and they make you cry (bawl in my case) but you love to hear them over and over...
I found another one today...I am computer challenged when it comes to downloading things, so you can read the lyrics and search the song on the internet. I heard it off of someones playlist and listened to it twice.
So, this song is dedicated to my family and friends who have lost a special person...especially a child.
With Hope
------Steven Curtis Chapman
This is not at all how
We thought it was supposed to be
We had so many plans for you
We had so many dreams
And now you've gone away
And left us with the memories of your smile
And nothing we can say
And nothing we can doCan take away the pain
The pain of losing you, but ...
We can cry with hope
We can say goodbye with hope
'Cause we know our goodbye is not the end, oh no
And we can grieve with hope
'Cause we believe with hope(There's a place by God's grace)
There's a place where we'll see your face again
We'll see your face again
And never have I known
Anything so hard to understand
And never have I questioned moreThe wisdom of God's plan
But through the cloud of tears
I see the Father's smile and say well done
And I imagine youWhere you wanted most to be
Seeing all your dreams come true
'Cause now you're homeAnd now you're free, and ...
We have this hope as an anchor
'Cause we believe that everythingGod promised us is true, so ...
So we can cry with hope
And say goodbye with hope
We wait with hope
And we ache with hope
We hold on with hope
We let go with hope

(I will be buying this CD as soon as possible!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

In Memory

Last week, John and I got busy on Janey's garden. I have been putting it off for almost a year now, mainly because I just didn't know where to start. With the help of a few friends, we got started. John really did all the work, I just directed. There are so many things in the garden that came from family and friends and I just want to thank them all for it. I will mention the items after the last picture. It isn't 100% complete though. My parents are going to get a bench to put in the center, so just imagine that there.
On Wednesday, the 9th, Janey's 11 mo. birthday, the vault co. called to tell me her marker was in and they would have it set in that afternoon. I was at my parents table, eating lunch and it hit me a little harder than I expected. I guess with this last step, everything is complete. Needless to say, Wed. was a rough day. I didn't go out to the cemetery b/c it rained and I didn't think it would be in. Last night, Kayden went to VBS with my cousins so after Mom and John got home from work, the four of us went to the cemetery. Her marker just looked so tiny (it actually is a little smaller than the regular ones). It was very simple but sweet which is just what John and I wanted. We spent a few mintues out there but it was good. No crying and weeping, just peacefulness.
We had someone help us with the marker for Janey. I wasn't going to mention their names, b/c I didn't want to embarass them, but I want them to know how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness. So, so much for embarassement...Kristin and Ryan, we love you and can't thank you enough for the "keepsakes" you have gone above and beyond to provide us with.
The making of the garden

Our little helper

Daddy working really hard! Almost finished
Someone had fun in the dirt...

Janey's Garden

(The dogwood tree came from my aunts - Bonnie and Connie. The personalized stone from Summer and Josh Gernatt. The angel figure from an arrangement sent to the grave side, I just can't remember who, but I will look it up. The lillies, ferns and a few misc. flowers from Beverly Strange's yard. She pulled them up just for me. We received a gift card from some of the ladies at Cabot C of C where we once attended. With that we bought the Savila's, the knock-out roses and the gerber daisies. And, my parents for letting us place this memory to Janey. I want to thank each one of you for making this a special place and for your love for us.)

The memory plaque from Summer and Josh.
Janey's marker at the cemetery.
The sun going down.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Helen, GA

Friday morning we headed out of town to meet John's family in North GA. We stopped to see Kristin, Ryan and Ashley on the way and also did some shopping. It was the 4th, so there were people everywhere. We drove through Cleveland, GA, home of Babyland where the cabbage patch kids are born. Since we had plenty of time, we stopped in. They have a hospital where the CPK's are born. You can walk through a nursery, and other rooms where CPK's are waiting to be adopted. There were hundreds. In the center of the hospital is this tree, and I can't remember what it is called but they will come over the intercom and announce that mommy is 9 leaved dialated. Everyone gathers around the tree and a nurse comes out and delivers the baby from the cabbage. Someone in the audience gets to name them. I didn't speak up quick enough...sorry Kayden. Anyway, it was really neat. I am not sure who enjoye it more, Me and John or Kayden.
Then we headed to Helen to our cabin and check in. Helen is a little German town set down in the N. Ga mountains. Very touristy, but neat. After John's parents got there we decided to go eat. There were so many people there. I think it was mainly for the 4th and the fireworks, but it took us about 15 min. to go less than a mile down the main street. We had dinner at a steakhouse, very good by the way. We hung around downtown to watch the fireworks but gave up and headed to the car. On our way back they started so we ended up sitting in the car and watching them. Kayden loved them! Our cabin was very nice and we were all exhausted. Kayden asked if she could go to bed...
For breakfast Sat. morning, we had some yummy German danishes and such. We decided to take a look around the town. Our first stop was this mini train village. I can't remember all the details (are you seeing a pattern with my memory?) but it was really cool.
Then we drove to a park to see Anna Ruby Falls. Again, tons of people, and it was about a half a mile hike. Kayden got pushed inthe stroller, but the rest of us were ready for the trek. I was worried the whole time about John's mom, I just didn't want her to get too tired and her knees bother her sometimes. We get to the waterfall, and Janice and Garry are behind us a little. A nice man takes our picture and as we are coming down from the little deck, I tell John, "Be careful, these steps are uneven." I didn't end my sentence before I twisted my ankle. Luckily I was holding the stroller (John had Kayden) and I was able to brace myself and ease down. I wanted to cry so bad, and of course John is telling me to keep it together. I did, and moved out of the way for the 100 people who are gathering around me. I knew I wasn't hurt, just really embarrased! Janice is trying to convince me to get a wheelchair. That was so out of the question! John holds my hand the entire way down and we make it to the car...
It didn't swell too bad because John tried to massage it. It is still sore, but no big deal. After the drama, we all decided to take naps.
Kayden played on the swings and slide while the guys cooked the burgers. It was such a nice evening and we just sat around and visited.
Sunday, we got up and headed out of town. I didn't sleep well, so I was ready to get home. We got home around 3 and headed for our naps.
It was so nice to see Janice and Garry and Kayden loved having their undivided attention. Thanks again Grandmama and PawPaw for coming to meet us!

John and I never do anything really big for our anniversary. We just usually don't get the chance or don't have the money. Our 6th anniversary was Sunday, and so we just called this our anniversary trip. We really did have a good time, though.
I love John so much and so thankful that God put him in my life. He is a wonderful husband, father and friend.