Monday, March 31, 2008

Trip Review and Baby!

Baby Hicks at 11 wks

Kayden practicing on her bike

Melissa at 11 wks

Playing in the yard

Best news first...I had another ultrasound and everything was great! The baby's heart rate was 167. He/she was moving all over the place. Terri was able to go with me since John is still in AR. She was really excited to get to see that. It was nice to have her there with me, too. The tech said everything looked great as far as she could see. Terri and I thought we saw boy goodies once, but the tech told us it was really too early to tell. Still, it looked like them!
I can't tell you when I have been this happy. I feel like I have been holding my breath for the past month and today I was able to just let it out and breath! I have wanted to break down and cry all day, just so relieved at the good news. We discussed my due date "issue". Last month the scan measured the baby at 5 wk 6 days, I thought I was 7 wks. Today, the scan measured exactly what I thought rather than what they had me as. So, although my Dr. is not moving my due date, she said we would wait and see at my 18 wk scan, I am going on this ultrasound and declaring me 11wks.

It has been great to be back home. We had a great time on our vacation and as always, it was good to see everyone. I just selected a few of the pics from the trip. I wasn't in camera mode so I didn't take a lot anyway. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for keeping up with us.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

vacation preview

(Sorry, there aren't any pictures here, but you can check out Terri's blog for a few)
We are in AR with my sister now. We had a great time at John's parents and got to see all our family. Jennifer came home from the hospital and is doing well. Grandmama had precious time spoiling her youngest granddaughter. Aunt Mary jumped in on the spoiling too...thanks for the 3rd bowl of ice cream!
We had a good Easter weekend. Terri, Kayden and I went to spring sing, and can I just say how giddy I was. It was good and Kayden enjoyed what she didn't sleep through. Sunday, we had a good ole Easter meal, ok, American meal...hamburgers. You are talking to me and Terri, not Martha Stewart, so that was what we cooked. Actually, John cooked the burgers. Kayden got to hunt eggs by herself, which she thoroughly enjoyed. You would have thought there was a million dollars in each of the 48 eggs Terri hid!
That about sums up our trip so far. We will be here until Friday, then back to TN for a night with the Hicks' then home on Sat.
As for our life...John still hasn't started his job. The date keeps getting pushed back. We have a new date now, and if that doesnt happen, we are moving on to something different. Lots of things up in the air. Keep us in your prayers.
Me and baby are doing well. Growing fast it seems. I know I didn't lose my baby weight from Janey, so I wouldn't start out where I "needed" to be, but mama mia, I am showing. I see other blogs and tiny girls who have had just as many pregnancies as me if not more and I promise you I am bigger than they are. Don't get me wrong, if you haven't gained a lot of weight, good for you, it's for the best, etc. I had someone ask me how far a long I was a few weeks ago and when I told them 6 weeks, their jaw dropped open! No lie! When I get home and talk to my doctor, i.e. try to convice her my due date is wrong, then I might post some pics, but girls, it is just not a pretty sight. All for a good cause, but still not pretty. Ok, enough venting. I will post pics when I get back to GA. Until then...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back to least for today!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We have sold our house and moved 90% of our stuff in storage. The rest is with us at my parents house. John left today to go to AR for a temp. job until his starts. We still aren't sure when. Kayden and I head out in the morning for a 2 week vacation. I am in need of a break and we want to see some of our family and friends, so we thought this would be the best time.
I am feeling ok, a little nausea here and there, and getting over a cold. These next two weeks will provide some much needed R&R hopefully. Here are a few pictures. Some are older that I never posted and some are from today. It was so nice outside Kayden and I took advantage of the warm weather. She crawled up in my lap and went to sleep. It was so sweet.
Well, hope everyone is doing good. See ya soon.

Kayden in deep thought

Rauly and Kayden swinging

Kayden and GG singing and dancing?

Daddy and KK's castle in the garage...he is so creative!

Napping in the chair

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jennifer update

This will probably be my last Jennifer update because she is doing so well. She has been up and taken a few steps, communicating very well, and even trying to remove the tubes/wires herself. My mother in law told John that she is doing well and will have rehab before she gets to go home. Main thing, she is recouperating well!
As for rest for the weary! I will try to update tomorrow and add a few pictures. Nothing of importance though. And again, thank you so much for your care and concern for Jennifer.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Off the ventilator & a question

Jennifer is off the ventilator! She can't talk because of the surgery her mouth is wired shut. She is writing notes, they are short, but she is communicating well. She has asked about her son, and told them she can't cough and needs to clear her throat. So, baby steps, but all progress! Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.
If you haven't noticed my March for Babies badge on the right...I am half way to my goal! Thanks to everyone who has helped this wonderful cause.
Now to my questions...
Have any of you mommies used a fetal doppler at home when you were pregnant? Where did you get it? Would you recommend it to anyone?
I am very nervous about this pregnancy and I feel like I need more reassurance than monthly dr. visits. Any (positive) feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Update on Jennifer

John went to Memphis on Monday to be with Tommy. He was able to spend all day with him yesterday and I really think it helped him (john). Jennifer had her surgeries yesterday and everything went well. they were able to do the facial surgeries all through the mouth so she will have no scaring. Her ankle is in a cast. She was still on a respirator as of this morning. Last night she opened her eyes when the family visited her room and gave Tommy a thumbs up sign. I haven't talked to anyone today but things are going in the right direction. Thank you so much for all your comments and prayers for her family. John is home now, so it is time to get down to house business. We have to be out by Monday...oh the joy.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Baby Hicks update

Baby Hicks has a heartbeat!!!!!! This picture is not him! It is Kayden at 6w1dToday went well at the doctor. Unfortunately, I am not as far along as I thought I was (according to the tech). They said baby is only measuring at 5w6d. That was a little disappointing, but main thing is we got to see the heartbeat. I got a picture, but when I say there isn't much to see, I mean, it is barely a line. So, I didn't post it. I promised pictures so here is the best I could do for today.

Also, my Father in law called this morning and told us that Jennifer is doing better. The doctors believe the bleeding has stopped on its own, so now they just have to wait for swelling to go down. She will be on a respirator until the swelling goes down and they can't do the reconstructive surgery until that happens also. It will probably be a few days. I think the bleeding was their main focus, so thank God that is going away.
thanks for your comments and prayers.

Prayer Request for Jennifer

Jennifer, mine and John's sister in law, was in a dirt bike accident yesterday. She was airlifted to a major hospital in TN. She was responsive in the helicopter but is unconscious due to medication. The doctors have confirmed that she has a few broken bones in her face, a broken jaw, broken ankle, lots of bruising and most important right now, small bleeding on her brain. They have her on a respirator until the surgeon can come in to do the reconstruction on her face. They also have to wait until the swelling on her brain does down to do much. That is about all we know but I am asking for prayers on her behalf and John's family. The doctors told them that it would be a long recovery. Her family has been through a lot and I know that more prayers right now can only help. Thanks in advance, you are always such great prayer warriors.