Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

Since this is my last post for the year, I initially thought I would write about everything that has happened this year. Well, just in my mind it was going to be depressing. So, I am going to find the blessings throughout the past year.

In January, I was blessed to be able to become pregnant.
John was blessed with the ability to work for himself for the year.
We were blessed that John was able to spend extra time with us.
In March, God was watching over Kayden when she was in the hospital and he healed her little body and we were blessed that no permanent damage was done.
In April, we saw first-hand the power of prayer.
We also saw love and support from our family and friends. I have never seen so many people reach out and try to give us their support.

I was blessed with another daughter and was able to bond with her for 8 months.
God blessed me with a friends and husband and we celebrated 5 years together.
I was able to travel and see many friends and family in July.
I am blessed with a wonderful husband who knew I needed a new house and he surprised me with it in July.
We were blessed to be visited by many visitors over the summer.
On August 9th, we were blessed to be able to spend the day with our baby girl and share her with our family and friends.
I am grateful to Jesus and his sacrifice and the promise that I can one day be with Janey again.
I was blessed with a speedy recovery.
Once again, our family and friends outpoured their love to us and showed just how important it is to have that.
I was blessed to befriend two other women in my same shoes and now share a special bond with them.
I was blessed to see a group of college girlfriends and share in Ashley's special day.
I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who works so Kayden and I could spend so much time with our family in AR and TN.
I was blessed with another year with my wonderful Kayden and celebrate her birthday.
Through the holidays many people have remembered our family during this tough time and have expressed their love and support for us.
We were able to spend Christmas with both of our families this year and had such a wonderful time with both.

And, there are many more that I did not list. God is good! I know that. And have seen it.
I am grateful for the blessings during the year, but I am also grateful that this year is over.
I am ready to start a new year and see what it holds. I wish the best for you all in the new year. May your blessings be more than you can list.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose." -Romans 8:28

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Full of Surprises

Over the past few days, I have been full of surprises (with some help). First, my friend Patience and I planned a surprise Birthday party for our friends Nikki and Stacy. We had just a few friends and the husbands in on the plan. The husbands told them to be ready Thursday night at 6:00 pm and to be dressed up! A few of us arrived to pick them both up. They were both surprised and I think had a good time. We met a few other friends at a rest. called the Bistro. Dinner was wonderful and we had a great time chatting and laughing. After dinner and a little strolling and riding (Mary Catherine) we had dessert at another rest. I got home about 11:00 and was worn out. It was so fun to get dressed up though and go out with the girls.
Happy Birthday Nikki and Stacy!

My next surprise was today...John and I decided at about 12:00 to go to Jax. to surprise Lindsey and the kiddos. Chad was in on the plan but he had to work, so we stopped by before we saw Lindsey. Chad told us she was getting gas and so we pulled up right behind her and John yelled something (probably obscene) at her. She was on the phone but looked up and had the most priceless expression. Her mouth dropped open and she just pointed at us. Needless to say, we were so happy to see each other. I think I needed that visit just as much as she did. We went to the condo for a little bit and then met Chad for dinner. Although we didn't get to stay long, we had a great time, as always.
Thanks guys, we loved our short trip!

Well, Christmas is only 3 days away! WOW! Hope everyone has a great holiday. Safe travels to everyone too.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aunt Terri is coming to town...

Aunt Terri leaves today to come to our house!!!!!! We are so ready to see her. We always have so much fun when she is here. We hope she has a safe trip. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!
We love you,
Melissa and Kayden

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas pictures gone wrong...

Not wanting to cooperate...

Still not wanting to cooperate...

Finally finished!

We took a ton of pictures for our Christmas cards. We did get some good ones but these are a few of the "bad" ones. Anyway, this past week or so has been very busy for us. Pictures were taken last weekend, I had a Christmas brunch on Thursday for some girls, we went to a wedding on Saturday night that was Christmas themed and last night I went to a Cookie Swap. Lots of holiday happenings around here. I love this time of year. I just feel so relaxed and in the Christmas spirit. Not a very exciting post, but it had been a week, so I felt the need to get something up here.
Hope you have a great week.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Community Memorial Service

(Disclaimer: This blog is a little like my journal. I write about my life and feelings for my own benefit and remembrance. This post will be an little more emotional than normal. Feel free to stop reading now. You won't hurt my feelings.)

Sunday was a very emotional day for me. I had a friend on my mind that is going through a rough spot in her life. I haven't asked her permission to talk about her yet, so just keep my friend in your prayers right now.
Church is difficult for me sometimes. There are a few songs that are really personal and remind me of Janey. I go to a small, traditional church and we use the old school song books with hymns in them. I love that though. I know most of them by heart and I have grown up singing them. Anyway, one song that gets me everytime we sing it is called, Farther Along. One of the verses goes, "When death has come and taken our loved ones, it leave our homes so lonely and drear. Then do we wonder why others prosper, living so wicked year after year." When I sing this song, it reminds me of losing Janey and how much I miss her. So, I spent the rest of service in the nursery. My church family is the best and they are always there to take care of me and make sure I am ok. Thanks girls for the visit! :)
Later that day we were invited to a community memorial service by the funeral home. The funeral home that assisted us in Janey's service has performed a service for the past 16 years for all the families they have serviced over the past year. They have a Christmas tree out front and each person that has passed away has an ornament with their name on it. (That is the picture at the top.)
John, my parents and I went to the service. Different individuals from the community participated in the service and they have a candle lighting at the end. There were a lot of people there and it was touching that the staff at the funeral home remembered our loved ones.
The service was a place I could sit and cry and remember Janey and know that I was surrounded by others just like myself.
After the service, John and I spent some time at Janey's grave. That to me is also a place I am free to talk to her and share my thoughts. We have not ordered the marble stone yet, so it is just dirt on top of her grave. I noticed that the grass is growing into the dirt and I realized that time is not standing still.
When I got home I went through Janey's cedar chest and thought about her birth day. She is such a special little girl and I have so many wonderful memories of our time with her.
To those of you who have lost a child or infant I wish you peace through the holidays.
If you are still reading, thank you for taking the time to listen to what is on my heart.