Thursday, November 29, 2007


No pictures for this post, trust me you don't want to see what I am about to talk about.
Today, I had Kayden and Lindsey with me and I needed to do a few things in town. I went to Sam's first to unload pics off my camera. While I was waiting in line, I started to feel a little sick. Now, I don't ever vomit. I can count on two, maybe one hand how many times I have actually vomited. Continuing on...I decided against the pictures and scouted the area for the nearest trash can just in case. I am usually able to avoid being sick so I really thought I would be ok. The closest door was the entrance and you know they have the I.D. checker there guarding the door like some bouncer at a club. I motioned to the trash can out the door and said, "I need to get to that trash can!" As I got closer to the door, I realized it wasn't opening. I said, "Can I go out?" She nodded no and stepped back to reveal another trash can. Well, no way was I about to puke next to this lady. Why do they put Do Not Enter on a door? Seriously, isn't that a fire hazard????????????
Ok, so I book it out of the EXIT with both girls in the buggy. I head to the far end of the parking lot away from people and cars. Some how I managed to ease my sick feelings and stood there a few minutes. I regained my composure and headed to the car.
I had one more quick stop to Michaels and then I would be headed home. The next stop is maybe two miles away. Right before I get to the light to turn, I realize, it is coming up and I have got to get out of the car. I quickly turned into the Michaels parking lot, got out of the line of traffic, put the car in park ( am not sure I even put my foot on the brake) flung my door open just in time to vomit. (Sorry so graphic, but this is the pretty version)
Afterwards, I felt ok, finished my shopping and went home. I felt a little sick around lunch but I think it was because I was hungry. I ate some chicken noodle soup and have been fine since. I don't handle being sick at all! It is a wonder that I didn't call my mom to come get me.
All this to say, Why don't stores let you go in and out of doors? I bet they would have changed that if I had puked all over their precious ENTER ONLY door!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Diet Coke for the all nighter trip to the outlets...$1.29

All you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks (and diet coke)...$7.71

So tired you crash in the car on the way home and your friend takes your picture...Priceless!

A few girls and I decided we would make the trip to the St. Augustine Outlets last night. They were opening at midnight, yes, I said midnight. We left here at 9:00 pm and got there about 11:00 pm. Some store were already open so we were able to start a little early. I have never seen so many people out at midnight in my life! It was crazy. And the bad thing was, there wasn't that good of sales.
When we left there it was about 2:30 am so we went to Waffle House for some breakfast (ha, ha). And to my surprise there were other crazy women there too! JCPenney's opened at 4:00 am so we headed there and stayed at the mall until about 7:30 am. By this time I am thinking, "It has to be about 1:00 pm", NOPE, just 7:30. I had already refilled my Chick fil a sweet tea also. I was dragging but we still had more to do. We went to St. John's town center, Old Navy and Target after that. Seriously, what possessed us to do this, I am still pondering...
We ate at Olive Garden at 11:00 and then our last stop was Garden Ridge. I actually got a lot of Christmas shopping done. I had a lot of fun too!
So, I have now been awake for 36 hours! My feet are aching, my legs are aching, I look like death but it was all worth it.
I know you are loving those pictures, and we were actually sleeping when they were taken. We woke up and laughed about them for a while.

Hope everyone had as much fun shopping as I did. :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

My Terrific Two Year Old


Today, one year ago...

Today, Two years ago...

Kayden is truly a blessing in our life. She can make me smile at the drop of a hat. And she can make me cry when I think about how much I love her. She is loved by everyone. Constantly, others are commenting on how pretty she is and how smart she is. I would have to agree!
Two years ago I was holding her in my arms. It is hard to believe and I feel like time is just flying by. She is at a fun age and she is really into playing. There are so many things I want to remember about her at this age, so bear with me...another long post.

She likes to use a wet wipe and wipe everything b/c it is "duuuuurty"...She will say "No mam Mommy" when she doesn't want to do something hoping that the mam will offset the no!...She loves to sit on the sink and brush her teeth while her feet are under the water...She tells me "I wuv you" alot...Somehow she got my confidence, b/c when we try to get her to say something or dance sometimes she willsay, "I can't"...At night she and John will sit in the chair and eat popcorn...Kayden is tall and heavy, not fat, just heavy...No matter if we go through a bank, gas station or drive thru, she asks for Chicken and fries...She can spot family members cars anywhere...Pink Crocs are her favorite shoes...Clumsy should be her middle name, b/c she falls, walks into things and trips constantly...she is tough, rarely does she cry...Kayden loves to watch ball games...She is very bossy! I mean we can hear her telling her babies what to do in the back of the house...She loves to read books...Her favorite shoes are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins and Dora...She loves to watch people sing and dance...Ever since she was a baby she never used a sheet or blanket at night...Kayden loves to play outside and swing...Not only does she repeat our words, but she repeats sentences and conversations. You could actually carry on a conversation with her...She is not fond of sand or dirt in her shoes or on her hands...Her cutest expression is when she wrinkles her nose when she is telling you something...Most mornings the first words are "I want to watch einsteins"...Her giggle will melt your heart...She is very tickelish...She loves to play with babies/carseats/strollers...She loves to play in my makeup, so I bought her some play makeup and she likes to put it on others too...I have also seen her spank the baby and tell her "no, no!"...Her imagination is unbelievable for a two year old...Another trait she got from me is her impatience...She likes animals from afar, not to touch...If she sees me crying, so will get in my lap and hold me...She has pointed to my belly and said"Janey not in there" on many occasions...We have to hide her vitamin in her nutragrain bar for breakfast...She will only eat Kraft mac n cheese, not velveeta or homemade...Anytime she is sitting, her feet are crossed like a little lady...When she is praying, she folds her hands and bows her head...And she says, "Amen!"...She likes to take her Bible to class and look through it...She climbs on everything (couch, table)...She is a picky eater...When she comes out of my closet, she always has pair of my high heels on...She has her own dress up shoes that she wears just as much as any other shoes...Usually, Kayden is very nice and pleasant...Every once in a while, she is a little mean and has to be told so...She gives the best kisses and hugs...I love her with all my heart!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kayden! You are my sunshine!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where 2400 miles takes us...

Yea, we are back home! After two weeks and lots of visiting we are finally back in GA. A few warnings about the following post...I have ALOT to write about and there are ALOT of pictures. Hope you enjoy them!
Kayden and I left on the 20th and headed to Montgomery, AL to stay with my friend Laurie. We have been friends since birth practically. She just moved into a new house and so we were able to see that and have lots of chat time. We got there in time to eat dinner and then we just hung out. Not before stopping at Krispy Kreme though! After church we set out on the next leg of our Millington, TN.
Sunday evening all of the Hicks family came over to Janice's house for dinner. Well, all except Garry who was in Hawaii and Laura and Dalton and John of course. Kayden loves being around her older cousins. I think they like her too. It was pretty cold and rainy there the next few days. We didn't do much but lay around and relax. On Tuesday, I left to go to Benton to stay with Ashley. Janice kept Kayden for me during that week. I missed my little girl so much but I knew she was in good hands. Her Grandmama and Aunt Mary love to spoil her. She enjoys as you can imagine.
Ashley's wedding was on Saturday so I helped her do a few things before the weekend. She has two cats, Charlie and Lola, who are like her children and they are crazy. We had a good time visiting before all the festivities started. Oh yeah, Ashley is one of my roomies from college. There are four of us and we all try to get together once a year. We always have so much fun and laugh until we hurt. Lots of eating and pictures going on.
Ok, so Thursday Angela and Tiffany drove down from Illinois. We met at Cozymels for dinner with Ashley's nieces, Lauren and Meagan. Cozy's has been our favorite place to eat since we were at HU. Tiffany says the salsa is like crack cocaine to her...she was so hilarious about the salsa. We took a huge bag of chips and salsa back to the hotel with us too.
Ashley and Dan are friends with a manager at the Peabody Hotel so he gave Ashley the hook up for us. We stayed in a 2 story suite with full kitchen, dinning and it could sleep all of us.
It was so awesome. We had valet parking and everything. Friday morning, we had a brunch for Ashley at the Peabody. The staff there were so nice and helpful. We had a breakfast brunch and it was such good food. Then we headed to the room for relaxing and chatting. We just sat around for a few hours and talked, ate, talked, ate, took pictures, and ate some more. I can't remember how many times I would say, I have to stop eating! That was right before I threw a handful of M&M's in my mouth.
Ashley's wedding was in Hot Springs at a Chapel at Garvan Gardens. It is such a beautiful place. All the girls piled in Brandie's car and headed there. The rehearsal went well and then it was time to eat, again. One of Ashley's friends catered the dinner and she did a great job.
After dinner, it was back to the hotel for a little fun. We had a little lingerie party for Ashley and had much fun with that.
Ang, Tiffany and I stayed up a little while longer than everyone else. Ashley went to bed so she could be prepared for the big day. I love all these girls so much. We always have so much fun when we are together. A lot of it is at Angela's expense, but she is so fun to pick on it is too hard to resist. Ang, you know we love you girl!
Sat. morning it was up and at em early for hair and makeup. The girl that did ours did such a good job. I loved my hair. All the bridesmaids had the same up do and I thought it looked very good. We metup with Ashley and then it was off to the wedding. We were able to get ready in a little cabin at Garvan Gardens together. You may wonder why there aren't any wedding pics on my camera battery died right before we got dressed. Special, huh?
You can check out Angela or Tiffany's blogs for pics though.
Our dresses were Chocolate A'line with a deep V in the front. Very pretty. Ashley looked gorgeous. We took pictures before the wedding and Garvan Gardens is such a great place for pictures. Amy Bell was the photographer and she did a great job. The wedding went off great, and then it was time to have some fun at the reception. It was under a pavillion there and there was so much food and drinks and flowers and a DJ! I think we made major fools of ourselves, but it was so much fun. We danced just about the entire time. We would look up and try to find Ashley and she would be mingling with guests and Dan was out on the dance floor with us. So, so, so much fun.
After Ashley and Dan left it was time to get busy cleaning. It didn't take long so then we left for our hotel. We stopped by chick fil a on the way back and got the strangest looks. We were still in our dresses, so you can imagine why.
Angela, Tiffany and I stayed inthe hotel Saturday night too. Terri came back with us for a little while and then she went home. Tiffany and I stayed up again, and talked. It is so much fun to get to visit with her. We were roommates for 3 years and I can remember countless night staying up talking about whatever. I miss her a lot and cherish all the times we get to be together and reminisce (sp?).
Sunday morning we packed up and headed home...well, they headed home and I headed to Searcy to Terri's house. I met her at church and then we met Janice in Wynn to pick up Kayden.
More about that week below!

On Sunday, Terri and I drove to pick up Kayden. I was so ready to see her. This was the longest I have been away from her. She was so excited to see us. She kept hugging me and kissing me. I just love my little girl. She is so big and smart. I will blog more about her later this week. She will be 2! I will save all that for later.
We didn't have a lot planned that week, so we went to the park, went to Terri's office, ate lunch out, went to a few volleyball games and got to see some old friends. Kayden loved the volleyball game. One of the girls gave her a small volleyball and she kept saying, "They came to me!" Kayden and I also attended the play, Wizard of Oz. It was really good and Kayden actually liked it. Until she fell asleep of course. We were able to eat lunch with my friend Jamie and her daughter Murphy. In Searcy, they have a coffee shop call the Underground and they have a great play room for kids. We were able to visit without a lot of interruption. Jamie is expecting a baby girl in Jan. We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet Mia.
Wednesday was Halloween and Kayden was Snow White. They had trick or treating around the square and she got plenty of candy. She also rode a little train. She wanted to ride so bad and then once she got on, she changed her mind. I made her ride anyway. She wasn't traumatized, don't worry. She was just fine. We went to a few friends house and trick or treated before church. After church we at Wendy's then went home. Kayden was tired, and I was getting there too. A photographer took Kayden's picture and she and Terri were in the Searcy paper. I haven't seen it yet, just heard about it.
Thursday was a huge day for me. I was able to meet with Shannon, who gave birth to Olivia in Sept. Olivia had the same defect that Janey did. I had been in contact with Shannon and was so glad we were going to be able to meet. She is such a strong woman and we sat and shared stories, pictures, laughs and tears for a few hours. She has a son, Beckam, and so he and Kayden played together. Well, sort of, I think they did there own thing most of the time.
It was so amazing to see her pictures because it just seemed like our experience was so similar. Shannon has a great spirit and I think we will be friends forever. I hate it that this is what made us friends, but I am glad that I have another woman in my life to share these things with that knows exactly what I am feeling. Her mom and Terri met us for lunch and we all had a great time visiting.
My cousin, Kristin, came in town for Homecoming so we were able to spend some time with her too. We shopped a little after Terri got off work and then we all went to Mark and Allison's for pizza. They have the neatest house and we had a good time of sitting around and talking. (I did a lot of sitting around and chatting over the past two weeks if you couldn't tell.)
Friday, I met Janice and John in Wynn. He flew in to Memphis and spent a few days with his family. I was so glad he came to AR. I missed him so much. Kayden did too. And poor John, he found out once he got to TN that he had shingles. He has been inpain for 2 weeks practically and didn't go to the doctor and his mom told him he had shingles. He is getting better now. We are just praying that neither Kayden nor I get chicken pox. (that is what would be contagious to us)
Kristin, Kayden and I went to N. Little Rock and shopped for a little while. We went to another volleyball game at HU. We got to see old friends and it was so good to be back at Harding.
Saturday morning we went to a baby shower for Amanda Thornton and Gracen. She is five weeks old now and I am so glad we got to see them. Chad and Lindsey came up early too and we ate lunch with them and then took the kids to the front lawn for a photo shoot. Our kids are so cute and really like each other and we always have a good time together. My favorite picture is of Shep and Kayden peeking around the tree.
The girls had on HU cheerleader outfits. They were adorable. The game was great and we got to see more friends. Harding won, so it was a successful day. That night we had a b-day party for Kayden at Terri's house. Kristin, Mark, Allison, Jeffrey and Amanda came over too. Kristin made some yummy soup and we had cookie cake for dessert. Terri got Kayden a vacuum which she loves. Kristin got her a washing machine that actually spins and makes noise. So cute. We bought Mary Poppins so we could have something other than Dora and Einsteins for the ride home. She had a great time and then once everyone left, we all settled down for some Mary Poppins. I love that movie. John and i were surprised how many songs we remembered.
We left after early service and stopped in Millington and had lunch with Janice, Tommy, Jennifer and Skyler. We decided to just drive on home and I am glad we did. We were all ready to get to our own beds. John was on meds for the shingles so I drove home. It wasn't too bad though.
We have had a great "vacation". Thanks to everyone who lent us a bed,fed us, drove us around, met us for lunch/dinner or just visited with us.