Friday, October 19, 2007

Day of Pampering

Yesterday, I was able to have a day of pampering for myself. I began with a large sweet tea from Chick fil a. That always makes me day a little better. Thanks to Tessa, Summer, Ashley, Angela and Tiffany...I began by having an Aromatherapy massage at 10:00 am. That lady massaged my face, my ears, my hair, my fingers and my toes! It was so awesome and relaxing.
Then, I went to another spa and had a manicure and pedicure. Instead of just regular mani. I got acrylic. I haven't done that in 5 years since my wedding. It is nice to have something different. They look really good but it takes getting use to. (You may ask why I thanked the girls at the beginning, but they all gave me gift certificates to the spas. Don't I have wonderful friends?)

I met my friend Nikki and her daughter Lindsey for lunch. We had a good chat and then it was off for some shopping! Thanks to my mother in law, Janice, I had a gift card to TJ Maxx. I love that place. You have to dig, but I always find stuff. I bought a new dress and shirt there. I was there for about an hour and a half trying things on.

I went to a few other places and bought a few more things. Nothing big, but it was nice to have a day to myself to do whatever. I went to see Lindsi and her nursery for baby Anna. She is due on the 5th of Nov. I am sure she will be early, of course while I am out of town! :(

I had a meeting and then I went to Wal Mart. After a short shopping spree there, I headed home. And, I was greeted by John and Kayden. I love coming home to them. They are so special and wonderful!

I had a great day! This couldn't have been possible without my wonderful babysitters...Granny and Momma. They are so willing to help me anytime. And of course John...he had to give Kayden and bath, but they had some good quality father/daughter time. Thanks everyone for your help and support.

I leave tomorrow for TN/AR. Kayden and I will brave the road alone! I am excited about seeing family and friends. I will have a lot to post when I get home in two weeks.

BTW, thanks for all the sweet comments on the previous post. You are all very important to me and I appreciate your support and love!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Remembering our Babies

To the right I have posted a link to a very neat website. It is solely dedicated to those who have lost babies during pregnancy or while infants. I stumbled across it tonight while I was blog hopping. It was so ironic that I found it today, which is the actual day of Remembrance.
My heart actually jumped a little when I read about this day. I know there are other moms out there who feel my pain and sorrow over our little babies. Although we won't communicate, I know I share a bond with so many other women who are in my shoes. There were some interesting stats on miscarriage and infant loss.
Anyway, maybe you know someone who might benefit from this website so I encourage you to pass it on.
I looked at Janey's pictures tonight and it is so bittersweet to go through them. I am so happy for the time we had together and holding her meant more than I will ever begin to describe. But on the other hand, I wish she was here so bad. I wish I had her here to show off and make memories with.
Sometimes I still can't believe that I lost my little girl. I have felt so sorry for other women so many times because they have lost something so precious. And now, that woman is me.
It is hard to explain how my mind works and has to deal with losing Janey. When I hear of friends getting pregnant or having babies it is a joy to hear. And I celebrate with these friends. I also think to myself, why wasn't I one to be celebrating. I know there was nothing I did, but the question always lingers in the back of my mind...why me? I am sure there is a reason and it may not be clear just right now.
I go through everyday thinking...what would she look like, how would she act, would she love to watch Kayden play, would she sleep well, what color eyes would she have, would she have curly hair?
One day I will get all these questions answered and for now I will dream. I think about her up in Heaven about the age of a 3 year old with curly brown hair. I know she is having such a good time and she is 100% complete. I think about the others in heaven up there with her watching out for her. I think she has some fun playmates...Clara, Parker, Olivia...just to name a few.
Sometimes knowing that such wonderful people are there makes it a little more bareable. I will always miss her and wish she were here.
Today though, I will remember her short time with me and how much love she brought to our family.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend recap

This weekend has been busy, but lots of fun. I couldn't get the pictures on this post again, so they are below. Anyway, there are some pictures from my beach trip. I am just now getting a chance to post them. Again, it was such a nice weekend to just relax and have great time with the girls.

On to this weekend...I took Kayden and Lindsey to the park on Thursday. It finally starting feeling good outside so I thought it would be perfect. They took turns on the slide about a million times. They play so good together and it is great that me and Nikki are so close. I hope our daughters continue to be best friends.
Friday night we just hung out at the house. Every now and then, I would rather be here doing nothing with my hubby and daughter than anywhere else. On Saturday we went to a birthday party for Alex. She turned one! Kayden had so much fun playing with balloons. Not to mention all the cool toys Alex got. Kayden got a bit nosey and went peeking through the gifts. She wanted to take some of them home...
I worked at the store for a little while and then John and I had to get ready for our costume party. I am in the women's club in town and we had our Boo Bash last night at the Country Club. We dressed up as a 20's ganster and a flapper. I thought our costumes were pretty good. Most everyone else was dressed up and there were some really good costumes and some interesting ones to say the least! We had a good time though.
Today, after church we all 3 took a nap. I think we could have slept 2 more hours, but then we wouldn't have tonight.
It has been a crazy but fun weekend. This week will be even busier, and then Kayden and I will be out of town for 2 weeks. I am so excited! My college roommate is getting married and homecoming is on the 4th. It will be so fun to see friends and family we haven't seen in a while.
I will post again before I leave.
Enough for now, it is bedtime

Weekend Recap & some extra pictures

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007

My Man

(I was tagged by Lindsey)

The Game of Tag about your MAN:

1. Who is your man? John
2. How long have you been together? 7 years
3. How long did you date? Dated 1 year, engaged 1 year
4. How old is your man? 26, yes, I robbed the cradle
5. Who eats more? What do you think???
6. Who said "I love you" first? He said it first, and I didn't say it back right away
8. Who sings better? Probably me
9. Who is smarter? Me of course
10. Whose temper is worse? Depends on the situation
11. Who does the laundry? John would wear the curtains before he would do laundry...he says that is "womens work"
12. Who takes out the garbage? I bag it up, take it outside, pile it up, pile it up and remind John to drive it to the dump :)
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? John, but we don't have sides really, I make him sleep closest to the door (yes I am a chicken)
14. Who pays the bills? Me, unfortunately
15. Who is better with the computer? Depends again, we are about equal, neither that good, that is why we have friends like Chad and Matt and sisters like Terri!
16. Who mows the lawn? That would be John
17. Who cooks dinner? Granny!

18. Who drives when you are together?John
19. Who pays when you go out? Usually John, but I sometimes I end up with it (same money, doesn't really matter)
20. Who is most stubborn? I would say John, but my sister informed me that I am if...
21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Probably me
22. Whose parents do you see the most? Mine because they live about 10 min. away
23. Who kissed who first? Ok, well, I would say John, but this is what happened...We were outside the dorms after our 1st date (yes, 1st date) in John's truck and he leaned to hug me and I thought he was going to kiss me and Ididn't want him to feel stupid, so I kissed him Iguess. Ok, so maybe it was me...
25. Who proposed? John
26. Who is more sensitive? John...just kidding, I am very sensitive
27. Who has more friends? John has a few really close friends and I have some close friends and lots of aquaintances
28. Who has more siblings? JOhn-one brother and one sister

29. Who wears the pants in the family? John, that is the way it is supposed to be in my eyes.

I love my Man. He knows me so well and knows when to make me laugh and when to let me cry. He can cheer me up by walking in the room and dancing like Carlton on Fresh Prince. He supports me and our family and is so great with our daughter. I love him and I love God for sending him to me.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beach Bums

We had a great time at the beach this past weekend. I will have to post pictures next week. Camera is out of order :) I went with two other friends and we left on Friday about 3:00 pm. We went to Tallahasee and shopped for a while. We ate at Carrabas for dinner. It was sooo good and we were so hungry by then. The condo was still about 2 hours to go, but we had many laughs along the way. We got behind a really slow car with a mattress on top and Nikki, who was driving, hollered out the window to get out of the way. Once we could pass them we realized his window was down!!!! I am sure he heard us.
Saturday, we slept in (until 8:00). That is a rarity these days. Mary Catherine and I were out on the beach by 9:00 and Nikki joined us about 10:00. For some reason there were flies everywhere. And they bit us! After about 2 hours we couldn't stand it anymore. The condo was right on the beach, so we just sat on the porch and layed out the rest of the day. It was so relaxing! I read an entire book!!!!!!!The weather was wonderful.
We went in and got ready for dinner and ate at a place on the beach called Toucans. It was very good and neat atmosphere. We rented a movie and then crashed.
Sunday, after church we ate lunch on the porch and sat around and chatted until about 3:00. I got plenty of sun, rest and laughs.

One of the reasons for this trip was so I could have a little vacation and girl time after Janey. We have been planning this for months. It's hard to believe it is already October. Time is flying by. This weekend was very emotional for me too. I thought about Janey a lot. I miss her and Kayden will say or do something that will make me really wish Janey was here.

I will be able to post pictures next week from the beach. Until then...have a good week.