Friday, March 30, 2007

Tissues, Anyone?

I was on the phone yesterday and could hear Kayden playing in the living room, so I didn't think much about it. After I hung up the phone and turned around, this is what I saw. She was pulling them out, one by one and wiping her nose on some of them. I told her "NO!", then realized how funny it actually was and started laughing and ran to get my camera. Oh the things kids do...

Update: Kayden had a dr. appt. yesterday to check for pneumonia so we had x-rays done after the appt. The Dr. office just called and said the x-ray was normal, and pneumonia was gone! God is Good!

Monday, March 26, 2007

15 weeks

I had a routine checkup on Friday. Everything was fine and baby's heartrate was 150! I am becoming more and more convinced it is a girl. Which I am fine with...I have so much girl stuff and I know girls. (A boy would be great too, something different.)
I will go back on April 19th to find out if baby bun is a boy or girl.
Here is a picture I took on Friday. I think more and more people are noticing I am pregnant now. I have my shirt pulled, so you can get the full effect. :)
Below is a little quiz I found on another blog about the sex of the baby.
What do YOU think I am having?

1. Is Mom's hair thinner/stringer-girl ; shiny/full- boy
Definitely more full and shiny Boy
2. Is Mom's leg hair growing faster-boy ; same-girl
Much faster Boy
3. Are Mom's hands rough-boy ; smooth-girl
Rough Boy (but that could also be due to cold weather that we were just in)
4. Are fingernails growing faster and stronger-boy ; same-girl
Actually growing really fast Boy
5. Is Mom bugged by feet being colder? Yes-boy ; No-girl
Yes Boy
6. Is Baby's heartrate above 140-girl ; below 140-boy
HR was 150 Girl
7. Has Mom been more sleepy? Yes-girl, No-boy
I go to bed at 9:00 just about every night Girl
8. Does Mom sleep on right side-girl, left side-boy?
I toss and turn on both ?
9. What has Mom had dreams of having?
Neither yet ?
10. Has mom had morning sickness? Yes-girl, No-boy
I haven't had morningsickness, but night sickness, so I guess Boy
11. Has Mom had a comfy pregnancy? Yes-girl, No-boy
I haven't been uncomfortable really Girl
12. Does the Maternal Grandmother have gray hair showing? Yes-boy, No-girl
Yes Boy
13. Has MOm craved sweets-girl, pickles-boy?
Sweets Girl
14. Has Mom had to have OJ in the morning? Yes-girl ; No-boy
I don't drink oj Boy
15. Is Mom carrying baby high-girl ; low-boy
I have no idea ?
16. What does Chinese calendar predict?
17. What is Dad's intuition?
18. What does the needle/thread test predict?
A long time ago I did a test like that except with my wedding ring on a chain. It predicted a girl, boy, girl. So, I guess
Totals are Boy-9 ; Girl-6 ; ?-3
Any predictions??????

Monday, March 19, 2007

New Post, Finally!

Well, it has been so long because for some reason I have trouble posting and uploading pictures. It just won't give me the right format to do it. Very frustrating!
Anyway, here are a few pictures from this weekend. We had a booth (or a few booths) in the Home and Garden Show so these are a few pictures of our furniture, grills and hot tubs that we sell in our store (plug, plug). Oh, and our cook! Chad was such a great friend and spent the weekend with us cooking on the new grills. He did such a wonderful job and of course John had a good time visiting with him. It was hard to find the energy due to last weeks events, but everything went really well. Thanks to everyone who helped us.
On a side note, Kayden is doing great! She is seriously back to normal. We are catching up on sleep finally and starting to feel like normal too! She is still taking antibiotics and breathing treatments so hopefully that will knock the pneumonia out! The last picture is kind of random...
I woke up from a nap on Monday, and that is what I saw, Kayden in a onesie and her dress shoes. She looked like she was about to take off tap dancing. She is so funny!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pictures from Hospital

Getting better

I don't really know where to start with this post. If you are just tunning in, check the previous posts for details.
Kayden got to come home this morning about 10:00. We were so excited when the Ped. said we could go. I can't begin to describe how glad I was. Mainly, that meant Kayden was well enough to be taken care of by us. She slept really well last night, therefore Mom and I slept good. She is starting to be back to her old self and play, laugh, and eat.
This was the prognosis when we left this morning. She is running a fever every once in a while, so we will continue to give her Motrin and Tylenol for 24 hours, then as needed. In 2 weeks we will have x-rays to check the Pneumonia (sp?). She is on anitbiotics for that and the ear infection. We will administer breathing treatments for a few weeks at our house. She doesn't mind them, which is helpful. The treaments just help to open her lungs but it is medication going in her lungs. The Dr. also told us to put the seizure behind us. He feels very strongly it will not happen again from the test results and the nature of her sickness.
This has been such an exhausting week, but we are so blessed that our daughter is getting better and will have no long term effects from the seizure. I replay Monday over in my head and it scares me all over again. I wish I could put it out of my mind but I do have some relief knowing that all the tests came back normal and this probably wouldn't happen again. I know what to do if it does, but I pray that it won't come to that. God has truly blessed us and our little girl.
Thank you for all the many prayers, phone calls and visits from everyone. It is wonderful to have such a great support group and family to care fo us.
I also want to thank all the nurses and dr. at the hospital. They really cared for Kayden like she was special and no one else was around. I appreciate their honest care for Kayden over the past 3 days.
We love our little girl so much and thank God every day (right now it is every minute) for her. I have some pics I will post in a few min. of us in the hospital.
Thanks again. We love you all.

Home at Last

Kayden is being discharged today! She didn't have a fever all night and it sounded like Melissa, Kayden, and my momma got some good sleep (in between nurses coming in). I want to thank you all for your prayers and concerns. UPDATE: - My mom just called and said they were finally home and Her and John's mom were already pulling Kayden around in the wagon outside. She said Kayden ate pancakes for breakfast at the hospital and slept a little more this morning. Melissa went to get the medicine and will probably sleep some today. Ms. Jan is on Kayden duty for a while until everybody gets caught up on sleep. Thanks again to everyone for caring!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update on Kayden

Melissa just called me to give an update on Kayden this morning. She didn't sleep well last night and ended up pulling out her I.V. They were waiting til they saw the doctor this morning to see whether they needed to put it back in or not. Her fever had gone down during the night but she still has one. The doctor told them that the EEG came back fine so the seizure was just from the fever (febrile). He gave Melissa something to take home to help if she has another one but it is not expected. The doctor looked at the chest x-rays and saw that she has a bit of pneumonia from aspirating her vomit (close to when she had the seizure?). The pneumonia is keeping the fever up so they are going to continue on the IV and keep her another day at least. Please pray for them - Kayden is really tired of being hooked up to things and probably just tired of feeling bad. I'm sure the sleep deprivation will catch up to Melissa pretty soon so keep her in your prayers also. John's mom got there ok last night and read books with Kayden last night before she went to bed.

on a side note - my dad told me that she kept trying to pull her wrist-band and band off her ankle to they told her it was a bracelet and that it looked good. To that she said "So Cute", and she left them alone after that. Can you say "Diva"?

thanks for reading,
-Aunt Terri

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kayden is sick

written by Aunt Terri: (Melissa is pretty busy and tired)
Kayden was taken to the emergency room last night by ambulance after she had a high fever and had started seizing. Kayden is 16 months old and up til now had been pretty healthy. I talked to my dad off and on through the evening trying to get updates and relieve my fears. The Doctor said she had an ear infection that caused the high fever that, in turn, caused the seizures. This morning at about 2 or 3, she woke up and started talking and being back to normal so everything is on the right track for her to be fine. She still has a fever so Melissa thinks they will keep her again tonight (Tuesday night). Pray for all of us/them right now. Also John's mom is heading to Georgia, so pray for her safe travel. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New pictures

I haven't posted in a while so these are just a few random pics. Not much new going on with us.

Powdered Donuts anyone?

Granddaddy and Kayden on his tractor

Kayden and Mommy (sorry no belly picture T and L)
Have a great day!