Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kayden at bedtime

This is a video of pretty much nothing in particular. So many of our family and friends don't get to see Kayden often so I figured this was the best way to share her. Hope you enjoy. Just to warn you, it is kind of long.

Monday, January 29, 2007

My wonderful daughter

I realized that I haven't blogged about my sweet girl lately. So, this is all about Kayden. She is just getting so big and full of energy. Her cutest thing now is giving you "high five". It is so funny because she laughs which makes us laugh. She is very vocal too. She like to play with her toys and "talk" very loudly. She will play in the living room for hours by herself. Kayden is very content and independent. I am trying to spend as much time with her and give her all of my attention as much as I can. She will point to your nose, eyes, and mouth and tell you what each are. I am trying to figure out how to upload a video on my blog, and that will be my goal tomorrow. She is walking everywhere and it is so cute to watch. It is more of a waddle I guess.
I am so proud of my little girl. She is so sweet and loveable too! I adore her so much and have enjoyed being at home with her since day one. It still blows my mind that I could love someone so quick, so much!

Friday, January 26, 2007

New Due Date

These are pictures from my ultrasound today. The pictures aren't great quality, but you can get the picture! I went in today to determine a more accurate due date. Well, I am NOT as far along as I thought. I thought I would be 8 weeks tomorrow, but according to the ultrasound I am only 6wks 4 days. Kind of a bummer, but that is ok. My mom got to see it with me, and she teared up of course. She had never seen one like that, so this was really special for me. We could see the heartbeat so it made this very real for me. My due date is now 9/17/07. Which is better for me because I would like to have my baby on 09/08/07. Wouldn't that be a cool birthdate? And easy to remember. I am a numbers person. I think about things like that alot, one of my weird quirks! My c-section will be scheduled 7-10 before the 17th, so it just may work out. Still not feeling bad, just tired.
In the car, we asked Kayden if she was going to have a brother or sister, and she smiled and shook her head "No". Guess she still is grasping the idea too.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Weird Things

This tag is from Lindsey. I am supposed to write about 6 weird things about myself. Some are very weird and many people don't know about, so be prepared.

1. I can't let my food touch or mix on my plate. It drived me crazy. My dad always says, "it is all going to the same place!" I don't care, I can't do it.

2. I am afraid of opeing biscuit cans. You know, the ones that pop open! I couldn't do it at all for the longest time, but if I am the only one to do it, I will, but I jump everytime.

3. When I was in elementary/middle school I made my sister sleep in the bed with and closest to the door...want to know why? I was always afraid someone was going to break into our house to get me and I wanted them to get her FIRST!!!!! (I am sorry Terri, for the millionth time!)

4. Since I was in middle school, I haven't looked at anyone in a casket. I can't do it. I guess I want to remember them a certain way, not that way.

5. When I sleep, I rub my feet on the sheets (like a nervous habit). Man, I am so weird!

6. I love the movie "Clueless". In college, my roommate and I would watch it just about every night before bed.

Alright, it is your turn, your it! You know you have weird quirks too. Lets hear them...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The weekend

On Friday, I went to my first Dr. Appt. I really like my doctor and feel very comfortable around her. We talked about my first c-section and I wanted to know how this one would go. (Before I got pregnant I tossed around the idea of having a VBAC, but now, I have decided I want to have another c-section. I would rather have my stomach cut open than be in labor for 12 hours and have to push! Weird, I know)
So, this is what I found out about a c-section. Next Friday I will go back to have an ultrasound done to get a more exact due date. When I am 32 weeks, I will schedule my c-section for 7-10 days before my due date. So, I guess that is good news since I will be HUGE and HOT through the summer. I will hopefully have a picture to post next Friday! Yippee
Also, incase you are wondering, I don't have any feelings if the baby is a boy or girl...

John and I went to Atlanta on Friday and Saturday for a Premier Jewelry Conference. I was so glad John went with me. I know he wasn't thrilled about seeing 4,000 women go crazy about jewelry, but he was such a good sport. While we were there, we spend the night with my high school friend, Summer and her husband Josh. We don't see each other that often, so when we do we always have fun catching up. I wish we lived closer together b/c we always have so much fun together. Anyway, thanks for letting us stay with you Summer. I miss you!
This picture was taken of her this past summer...isn't she pretty (both of them).

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Eason's visit

Lindsey, Shepherd and Rauly came to visit with Kayden and me today! We had lunch at Chick-fil-a when they got into town. We went to my high school for a little while then headed to the house for some major playtime. The girls got matching sweaters, as you can see. They all played really good together. We went for a walk in the wagon and just enjoyed seeing our kids be around each other.
The Eason's just moved to Jacksonville which is only about 2 hours from us. I am so glad they will be so close again. Lindsey and I got to be friends through our husbands and really didn't get that close until they moved to Cabot. I never thought we would be as close as we are today. Not that anything was wrong, I just didn't see us being best friends and talking just about every day. When she moved to GA and I was still in AR it was one of the saddest things for me. We could just talk, talk, talk for hours and usually about nothing. Well, when we moved to GA a year ago we got to see them a little more. Now, they are even closer! We want our children to grow up together and now we can meet more often.
Lindsey has been there for me through good and bad times and I am so blessed to have a friend like her.
I also realized while putting the pictures up that Shepherd is only in one! Sorry, bud. We will get more next time. Thanks guys for coming and cheering me up. We love you and can't wait to see you again, SOON!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Walking, Chinese calendars and Ins.

Here are a few pictures of Kayden walking yesterday. She has really just been on the move the past few days. She isn't doing much crawling at all. Yea! She is growing so much. Kayden will copy whatever we say to her. You can actually understand her too.

My friend went by the Chinese calendar for the births of her children and so did I for Kayden and it was right. We looked last night and it said I was having a girl! I am totally fine with that, and I will be totally fine with a boy. I guess we will have to wait a few more months to find out for sure.

I had my first Dr. visit today. It was just lab work and history. Next week I go back to see the actual Dr. for an exam. Yippee. The visit was good, nothing really to talk about. The insurance part on the otherhand, very disturbing. My husband, John, is now self-employed so we have indiviual ins. It does not cover maternity and we knew that up front, but you really dont have a choice with individual ins. So, that means we pay EVERYTHING out of pocket. I have been almost dreading going to the doctor because I knew what they were going to say. I am so happy about this baby and I guess my frustration is that why is it that people like us, who work and are good people can't get any good coverage and there are women having babies right and left for FREE! Yes, very frustrated right now and I will get over it. If you have ins. be very grateful. I didn't realize how great ours was before until today.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Coming this fall...

Yep, that's right, we will have another little one in September! I just found out on Friday and I think I have told just about everyone. If I didn't call you, I am sorry, I didn't mean to leave you out. I am actually alittle shocked too. But very excited. I will post more once I have gone to the doctor. We seem to have a lot on our plate right now, but I have faith that the Lord will not give me more than I can handle. I hope, anyway! Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Parker Hendley

I just wanted to let those of you that know the Hendley's or have been keeping up with Parker that he passed away this morning. He had been having some seizures recently and he just went to sleep so he was in no pain. Please keep this family in your prayers, this is such a bittersweet ordeal for all of them. He was 3 months old, today. His funeral will be Saturday afternoon.

Thanks Terri!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas 2006

We are back from traveling now. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Lots to blog about, but I will try to hit highlights from the past week or so.

Saturday before Christmas Terri came to town. We miss her and love when she is here. We had family Christmas with my Mom's side of the family. After most people had left, Kayden started walking. She took 4 or 5 steps a few times. I didn't have my camera ready, so no pictures. I was so proud of her. I cried, of course...

Christmas morning, we woke up to a huge ball pit in our living room for Kayden from Santa! She loves it! Mainly enjoys throwing the balls out, but it keeps her entertained. We had Christmas with my sister, parents and grandparents before getting on the road for TN.

We had Chrsitmas with the Hicks' Christmas night. It is always alot of fun too. The kids get tons and so do we, but it is hilarious to see the mess in the living room when we are done! Kayden got a tricycle. She can sit on it, but hasn't mastered the peddling. She walked a ton up there too. We don't get to see John's family that often, so when they get to see Kayden, it is all about her. Within the first day she was calling GMama and PawPaw and reaching for them. It was cool there and actually felt like Christmas.

Janice was such a big help with Kayden. She fed her, bathed her, rocked her, read to her and played with her most of time time we were there. It allowed me some time to shop with Mary, my wonderful sisiter in law. I did some shopping too. After Christmas sales were calling my name!

On Thursday John went to Louisiana to see Jeffrey and hunt. They had a blast, of course. Anyone who knows Jeffrey Thornton knows what fun he is. When you put them together, watch out.

Kayden and I made the 10 hour trip back home, by ourself! I know, I know, I have lost my mind. But, Kayden did great! She watched movies, slept and played very well. I have such a wonderful daughter and I love her so much.

My sister and my parents took Kayden Sunday so I could sleep and take down Christmas stuff. I got it all put up in a few hours and unpacked too! I am so obsessive compulsive when it comes to that.

New Years Eve we ate at my aunts house and then went to my parents and played dominos. We stayed up until midnight and watch the ball drop. I think that New York scene is awesome but WAY too many people for me! My sister left on Tuesday to head back to AR! She is so fun to hang around and I wish she were closer. She makes me laught so hard I could use her here alot more often!

I haven't put any goals or dreams for 2007 on paper although I have alot in my head. I wish health and happiness for my family and friends. I may work on more in a few days.