Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas!

No, those are not capris, they just got pulled up when we were prying her
out of my moms arms!

Blowing Kisses

Ready for church

She is so cute!

Enjoying the nice WARM weather

How ya like my pigtails?

Goin' shoppin

Today, Kayden went to see Santa. She was freaked out at first, but at least gave us a calm look for the picture. The other pictures are just us hanging out around the house. She loves to play with her toys and "read" her books. I am so blessed that she plays well by herself. It gives me some time to get things done.
I am so ready for the next few weeks! I am doing some baking tomorrow, all my shopping is done and Christmas in in 5 days! All of my family will be here for Christmas and then we are leaving on Christams Day to spend the week with John's family. I love seeing all our family! I know this isn't such a big Christmas for Kayden but I am really excited about it for her. I know Santa has some cool things for her!
This will probably be my last post until the new year. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, happy new year and safe travels.
See ya in 2007!!!!!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006


I have been waiting a few days to post this, but now the shock has worn off and I think it will be ok. On Wednesday, one of my best friends, Patience, found out her husband is being called to active duty in the Army and has to report to Ft. Benning on Jan. 14th. I know this happens all the time and to a lot of people it is no big deal. And considering the circumstances with Micah, this is a big deal to us. His name is Brad Lawson and they really didn't think he would be activated due to the timeframe of his service, but he will be sent to Arizona after Ft. Benning for training.
Brad is one of those great men who serve their country because they want to. He is a man of God and will make us all proud. One of the reasons we are all a little upset is because Patience and Brad have an 18 mo. old and another boy due in May! They are both struggling to accept that fact that he might not be here for the birth. We are praying he will be stateside for 6mo. before he has to be deployed anywhere.
I write all this to ask for your prayers on their behalf. LUckily, Patience is from here and she has a great family to help her and a great church family as well. WE have been friends since we were in 4th grade and it makes me cry everytime I think about her having to say good-bye to Brad. Anyway, please keep this family in your prayers.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Safe Car Seats

I was reading another blog and found a post about safety of carseats. I watched this video and of course cried the whole way through it. I don't know the author, but if it is true, then it is worth looking in to. Disclaimer...the video will make you cry! But, it is good info. to have for future reference.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tribute to a Fallen Soldier

A few days ago one of John's former teammates from Harding and a Soldier in the Army was killed in Iraq. His name is Micah Gifford. I just knew him through John but whenever I was around him he was always so fun and genuinely nice. I have thought about him so much since we found out about his death. It is heartbreaking to know that we have soldiers that die everyday but when you know one of them, it really makes you think about things. I was reading his myspace page last night with John and I had tears streaming down my face as I read what his friends and family said about him. I know that Micah was doing what he loved and for all the right reasons. In his bio he explains why is was over there fighting and it is very moving. I just wish everyone could have the same attitude he had about this war. Even though I didn't know him well, I know he was protecting our country and for that I am SO thankful. If you get a chance to read his bio, it will let you understand just a tiny bit of what kind of guy he was. His page is That should tell you right there how funny he was. Some friends of Micah's also set up a website you can comment on, .
Anyway, I just wanted to pay tribute to Micah for his dedication and service to our country. I know he will be missed by his family, friends and fellow soldiers. Thank you Micah!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Home Alone

Well, I have finally overcome one of my biggest fears! Staying home by myself. Since I was little, I hated being by myself. When I was growing up I made my sister sleep in the bed with me because I couldn't sleep in the room by myself. I know, I know, I have a big problem. I am a scaredy cat. Even when I was in the dorms at Harding and all my roomies were gone for the weekend, i didn't sleep well.
After John and I got married, he worked nights at Wal Mart for a while and it was torture every night getting to sleep. We lived in an apartment and that made it a little easier. After we bought our house in Cabot and he was still working nights, I would lay awake most of the night thinking about the worst things and "hearing" every little noise. I just resigned that I would never be able to sleep in a house by myself.
John was out of town all last week and with the exception of one night when my mom spent the night (Kayden was really sick), Kayden and I stayed all by ourself! Those of you that know me really good, know this is a huge accomplishment. I will admit that it would take me about 30 min. to get to sleep, but once I was there, it was smooth sailing. Each night it got easier and easier for me to doze off.
Sorry if this is boring, but I had to express my happiness...
I just hope I can do it next time :)